Las Vegas Sportsbooks And Hotels 2020

You know you are in a special place the minute you arrive at McCarran International Airport in fabulous Las Vegas.

A short taxi ride to the Strip puts you in the heart of the best sportsbooks on Las Vegas Boulevard.

There is literally a betting parlor at every street corner. The expert handicappers at Vegas Betting have enjoyed the Las Vegas sports betting scene for decades.


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The dozens of land-based Las Vegas sportsbooks have your betting needs covered, but they are certainly not all the same when it comes to rewards and promotions for players. Take your game online and enjoy the benefits of some of the top-ranked sites like Bovada.

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    One of the things I like most about Las Vegas betting is the fact there are so many sportsbooks located right next to one another that a bettor can shop around and find the best odds on the next major championship.

    Of the 166 casinos in Clark County in Nevada as of January 2018, 39 of them are located in the Las Vegas Strip area, according to the Nevada Gaming Commission.

    In 2017, those famous casinos on the Strip generated $6.47 billion in revenue, which is more than half (56%) of all the gaming revenue in the entire state.

    Las Vegas

    Las Vegas



    Why Go to Vegas

    When you can win at home?

    There is nothing like America’s Playground for convention guests, tourists, and gamblers. From the budget-friendly resorts to the high-end, luxurious properties, there is something for everyone on Las Vegas Boulevard.

    But don’t think these Las Vegas sportsbooks on the Strip have a monopoly on sports betting.

    There are better partners online like Bovada that provide members with multiple promotions and giveaways and even more betting options than those offered at the mega-resorts like the Bellagio or Wynn.

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    Best Sportsbooks in Vegas

    There are exactly 104 casinos in the Las Vegas valley, which includes downtown, the Strip, and the suburbs. But it would be difficult to visit them all in one trip.

    Technically, the Strip isn’t even in Las Vegas as operators originally moved to avoid paying high taxes to the city.

    Today, this stretch of iconic resorts, which includes some of the best sportsbooks in the world, sits adjacent to the city in Paradise, Nevada.

    We review the best of the best sportsbooks on the Strip and some of the top ones located nearby, including the area’s best sportsbook in the Westgate and its Superbook betting.

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  • Most Vegas sportsbooks offer plenty of plush seating in a large room with video walls, displaying the top sporting events around the globe.

    Bettors have the choice to make a wager at one of the betting stations or take their action online with that sportsbook’s betting app.

    But the one question that pops up time after time is: “How do I get a complimentary drink?”

    The answer is slightly different at each sportsbook Las Vegas.

    The rules are getting tighter by the day, it seems. Those venues on the Strip — like the Cosmopolitan or Mandalay Bay — demand as much as $300 or $400 to get a free drink, while off-the-Strip locations like South Point and Downtown Vegas offer them for a lot less.

    Complimentary drinks are available much more freely for players on the casino floor.

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    Where to Bet on Sports in Vegas

    Your first visit to Las Vegas will likely be a little overwhelming with all the bright, flashing lights and big, booming attractions. There are dozens of mega-resorts on the Strip, each with a different theme but plenty of betting opportunities.

    All of the casinos have a Vegas best sportsbook, but most of them force visitors to walk through the entire gaming area to find the sports betting venue. Sure, it’s on purpose, but it’s also a little annoying at times if there’s a big crowd.

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    Obviously, not all of the sportsbooks Las Vegas are created the same. There are the basic rooms that just cover your betting needs like the Excalibur and Stratosphere and then there are the luxurious options like the Wynn or Lagasse’s Stadium at the Palazzo that offer group dining, bars and lots of unique seating arrangements.

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    There are more than 20 sportsbooks on the Strip. Don’t always just choose the one at your resort if you’re looking for the best betting experience or the best sportsbook Vegas.

    Vegas Casinos with Sportsbooks

    It would take some time to visit all of the best sportsbooks in Vegas that we review. Most are within walking distance on the Strip, but some are off Las Vegas Boulevard or in the neighboring areas of Las Vegas.

    The best options to travel to these locations are to use the rideshare programs Uber or Lyft or buy a three-day transit bus pass for $20 for unlimited travel anywhere in the area.

    For each sportsbook review, we provide in the Las Vegas area.

    Vegas Sportsbooks Online

    While Nevada sportsbooks all seem to have their own online betting apps that can be downloaded to most mobile devices, Vegas Sportsbooks online are only available for use within the state borders.

    There are plenty of top-ranked sites that carry all the Vegas sportsbook odds.

    Sportsbook Betting Tips

    So, you want to bet on the big game, but you don’t even know where to start. Even the best Las Vegas sportsbook isn’t likely to help you with that. There are odds boards everywhere with all these plus-this and minus-that: What does it all mean?

    VegasBetting provides reviews of all the top sportsbooks in Las Vegas and we explain what all those statistics mean in our Vegas Sports Betting reviews.

    For example, if you just want to bet on your favorite team, buy a ticket for a certain amount on the money line and ignore the payoff. You just want your team to win anyways.

    A better option is to join one of the top-ranked sites found on this website and enjoy all the bonuses, promotions and giveaways. You will get a lot more in return than the land-based sportsbooks or Las Vegas sportsbook online.

    • Lost or expired tickets

      The lineup is long. You had to wait an hour to bet on the Super Bowl. Now, you have lost your ticket. That won't happen when you make your bet online. Your wager was purchased and confirmed and will be paid into your account immediately if you picked a winner. Also, if you bought your ticket from a land-based sportsbook on the Strip and leave Las Vegas before the game is over, you now have 90 to 365 days, depending on the venue, to cash your ticket. After that, the ticket expires and is void.

    • No long lines

      Expect a lengthy queue at a Vegas superbook for major championships like the Super Bowl. More than 100,000 visitors land at McCarran International Airport every day, even more for the biggest betting events of the year. You can avoid the long lineups by joining a trusted online site.

    • Join the trend

      While most sports betting is done online today since you can make your bets at your convenience, one of the biggest trends in web-based wagering is live betting. Land-based sportsbooks don't offer this feature where the odds on the money line, point spread and over-under totals change as the game unfolds. However, all you need is your favorite betting platform on your mobile device and you can wager on all the action from the start of the game to the final outcome.

    • Don't make a bet expecting a complimentary drink

      Times have changed in Vegas as big corporations are looking to add to their bottom line. Free drinks in the sportsbook are a thing of the past. Now, you have to bet hundreds of dollars to get a free beverage. It's not worth it.

    • No analysis or free picks provided

      No analysis or free picks provided by even the best Las Vegas sportsbook. Vegas Betting often provides free picks on the big game or future bets on all the major leagues. Sportsbooks on the Strip do little to help bettors make an informed decision. And, most of the time, the odds aren't very good, either.

    • Time zone difference

      Bettors arriving in Las Vegas from the East Coast are used to games starting later in the evening. A common start time for a game involving the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils is 7 p.m. ET. Don't wait until after dinner to make that NHL bet in Vegas because that same game starts at 4 p.m. PT.

    • Start slow

      If you're new to sports betting, start by betting the minimum on a basic bet. Don't bet parlays, teasers and multiple prop bets until you have an idea at what's going on and what's at stake. You can lose it all very quickly in any Nevada sportsbook.

    Superbook Sportsbook

    Vegas Sports Betting Apps

    Online sports betting is a rapidly growing industry, especially in Nevada. A good portion of the 334 casinos within the Silver State has a sportsbook. Many of them also carry one of the many online betting apps such as playMGM, Caesars Mobile, William Hill, and CG Technology.

    All players must be 21 years of age or older to join and use these platforms, which are only available for use within the state of Nevada. The MGM Grand app that you joined in Las Vegas the last time you were there is useless to you if you live outside the state. It’s only valid when you visit anywhere in Nevada.

    The online sports betting industry is a huge moneymaker for the state. Nevada sportsbooks won a record $248.7 million from revenue of nearly $5 billion in 2017, according to the Nevada Gaming Commission. This is a big business. Don’t just settle for a provider that has low sportsbook review odds or a poor reputation.

    24-Hour Vegas Sportsbooks

    Many of the venues on the Strip could be titled the best sportsbook Las Vegas. These mega resorts have it all — picturesque properties, luxurious rooms, high-end retail shopping, glamorous pools, and exciting sports betting.

    Most of these betting parlors are open 24 hours a day, but they don’t take bets all the time. The common business hours are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., with extended hours during football season.

    Parking at most of the Strip resorts is expensive. It’s one of the main reasons why locals stay away from the big resorts like the Bellagio and Caesars Palace.

    Most MGM and Caesars properties charge almost $20 a day for self-parking, with the exception of Planet Hollywood where it’s free.

    Independent casinos like the Venetian and Treasure Island also waive parking fees for guests, just like most of the Downtown Vegas hotels and Station Casinos located around the Las Vegas valley.

    Largest Sportsbook in Vegas

    It’s called the “superbook” for a good reason. The Westgate is home to the largest sportsbook in the world. The famous venue seats more than 400 guests and it’s typically the place where the serious sports bettors hang out.

    The 30,000-square-foot Westgate SuperBook features a 220×8-foot 4K video wall, which shows the current sporting events and live racetracks from across the country. That’s more than 70 yards of flat screens. This venue is so popular, it even has its own food court at the back of the room.

    Most Vegas sportsbooks have a few visitors during a typical day. On a recent visit to the Westgate on a weekday, the book was more than half full in the middle of the afternoon with just one live sporting event on the big screens.

    Other sportsbooks offer the same comfortable seating and a large bar at the back of the betting area, but none have as many betting lines as the Westgate. Their display of hard copy printouts of daily and future betting is unmatched.

    Vegas Sportsbook Betting Limits

    There are no strict rules for a maximum or minimum betting limit in Nevada. That is left up to the individual casinos to determine, according to the Nevada Gaming Commission.

    The smaller casinos will take a bet as low as $5, while the typical minimum limit at most places is $10.

    It’s common for some NFL Las Vegas sportsbook to take a $1-million bet on the Super Bowl where the odds are around even money.

    But many bets have been rejected where a punter wants to wager tens of thousands of dollars on a long shot play. The casino just doesn’t want to take on the risk if the bettor is lucky enough to score.

    Players must be 21 years of age or older in the state of Nevada to place a bet in a sportsbook or on the casino floor at a slot machine or table game.

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    Find Vegas Sportsbook Odds Here

    All the major sports lines? Check. Money line, point spread or over-under totals? Check. Date and time of the event? Check. Free Vegas picks? Check.

    You don’t have to travel to the iconic Las Vegas Strip to find out these key sports betting odds and facts. They’re all available right here at VegasBetting.