Boxing Betting: How And Where to Bet on Boxing.

Boxing Betting: How And Where to Bet on Boxing.

Boxing is an adrenaline-based sport. Betting on boxing is a great way to participate in one of the most exciting games around!

Betting has always been close to boxing. In fact, when boxing began, it was deeply embedded with betting.

This sport really took off at the beginning of the 20th century. This was the start of the golden age of boxing betting when celebrity boxers, such as Jack Johnson, brought a lot of attention.

Today we continue to enjoy a number of big-name heavy-hitters. We have compiled the best boxing sites and some important guidelines and recommendations so you can make the best boxing bets!

Boxing Betting Sites

In order to make the best boxing bet, you’ll have to visit the best online sites for boxing betting.

That is why we have made the effort to review several online betting sites so we could recommend the best boxing betting sites for you.

Of course, each bettor will have different priorities. If you favor a trusted name or a more modern feel. Or, if you are looking for bigger bonuses or a place to spend your cryptocurrencies.

Here are the highlights from the list. If you do not find what you are looking for below, just check out our full list of recommended sites, and you’re guaranteed to find what you need in an online boxing betting site.

Boxing Betting at Bovada

Bovada has all the props, odds, and lines you could want. As the established leader in online sports betting, they have it all.

They are a great site with up-to-date odds and generous welcome bonuses. They also provide previews for the biggest matches. These are great resources to staying connected to what’s happening in the boxing betting world.

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  • Boxing Betting at Intertops

    We love Intertops. You can never get bored here. With two great casinos–one that makes you feel like you’re James Bond–and a full sportsbook, you have a great never-ending betting selection.

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  • Boxing Betting at MyBookie

    MyBookie is somewhat of a newcomer. They were founded in 2014, but already have a sportsbook with parlays and lines, as well as a full casino. Check out the biggest fights at this betting site. 

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  • Boxing Betting at BetNow

    BetNow makes signing up easy. And with a 50% welcome bonus, they make it lucrative too! You can use US Dollars or cryptocurrency to get these great bonuses when you sign up to bet on boxing.

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    Boxing Betting at BetUs

    BetUs is a big player. You may already have an account here. If not, it’s time to sign up! Because they have great odds, that are often used on a number of gaming sites. 

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  • Boxing Betting at Bookmaker

    Bookmaker has been online for over twenty years. But don’t let their experience fool you–they are very much on the vanguard.

    Bookmaker is the king of cryptocurrencies. They accept over 40 varieties of this “cash of the future.” If you are among the leagues of US bettors who prefer using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, Bookmaker is where to make your next boxing bet.

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  • How to Bet on Boxing

    Betting on boxing comes with its special tricks. But many of them are generic to all sports betting.

    For example, be sure to stay up on odds in general. Familiarize yourself with how they work, so you can read them fluently. This will help you when making complex and fast decisions later. You want to have the basics down pat!

    Another important tip is to be wary of emotional betting. Because boxing is heavy on celebrities, bettors too can get caught up in the fanfare.

    If you watch the odds carefully, you can see how they swing with the news cycle around fan-favorite boxers. Understanding the odds and watching the news with a critical eye will help you avoid the hype.

    If you avoid the hype, you can even take it a step further. If you identify the hype, you can bet against the hype, as this is almost definitely an undervalued position.

    Types of Boxing Bets

    As you keep these bits of advice in mind, it is time to look at some of the most common types of boxing bets you can make online. These are the details of how boxing betting works.

    Understanding them will help you know where to go once you are at the boxing betting sites. Each type of bet requires a different strategy. So it is important to understand them well.

    Boxing Betting Sites


    Moneyline bets are the most basic, straightforward type of betting available for boxing. You simply choose who you think will win.

    This type of betting lends itself to the safe bet strategy. In this strategy, you consistently bet on favorites. While the gains may be small each time, it makes sense that you will gain more than you lose.

    In order for this strategy to work, you should bet on only slight favorites. Any knockout favorites are not likely to have enough contrarians to line your pockets with winnings.

    Round Boxing Bets

    Round boxing betting is very similar to moneyline bets with one additional caveat. In round betting, you not only choose who will win but when. You have to choose the round or rounds, as well as the winner.

    This, of course, takes quite a bit more expertise. You have to know not only who is the better boxer, but also how much stamina each one has, how well each one can defend different types of attacks.

    Round bets come in two types: grouped or specific.

    In grouped rounds, you select a range of rounds in which you think the fight will end. In specific, you can only choose one of the 12 rounds.

    As riskier bets, they are also more profitable than moneyline. There will be very few safe bets in this category.

    Prop Betting

    In prop betting, you bet on the winner and the way that boxer will win.

    This can happen via split decision, points win, decision, or technical knockout.

    In prop betting, you can bet on milestones in the fight that do not necessarily have to do with the outcome as well. These are fun bets that can keep you engaged throughout the match.

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