NFL Football Betting Sites

NFL Football Betting Sites

NFL Betting

Joining in on NFL football betting is a great way to up the energy for America’s most exciting sport. Where here to explain how to bet on NFL with the best NFL gambling sites, and get all the details to you and all the NFL gamblers out there.

Here you will finally have NFL betting explained. We will even layout the types of bets, strategies, and exciting new features. After reading this article, you will have all you need to sign-up and get started at your sports betting site of choice.

Where can I bet on NFL games legally?

There are a number of betting sites that have legal NFL betting. There are a number of online and Vegas sportsbooks that hold NFL betting. 

NFL Betting at Bovada

Bovada is always a solid choice. As a long-standing and global brand, it is a secure and fun platform. There’s no surprise that Bovada receives 10 times more visitors than their nearest competitor.

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  • NFL Betting at BetOnline

    BetOnline is one of the best online sportsbooks. Here you can also bet on entertainment and political events. Although it is based in Panama, its Vegas-style betting attracts over 95% of its customers from the United States.

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  • NFL Betting at Intertops

    Intertops is one of the best sites to bet on NFL games. This is a great, trusted option with excellent customer service. As the first sportsbook to move online, it continues to stand out among the competition.

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  • NFL Betting at MyBookie

    MyBookie Is an excellent site for betting on NFL games. Especially if you want to take advantage of the Bitcoin bonuses. Perhaps their relative youth, having been founded in 2014, helps them stay on the cutting edge of cryptocurrencies, or the “cash of the future.” 

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  • NFL Betting at

    Sportsbetting is a great option for US bettors, especially those who want to use cryptocurrencies. On top of the reduced transaction fees and increased identity protection, Sportsbetting will give you an additional 35% bonus for every cryptocurrency deposit. 

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  • NFL Betting at BetDSI

    BetDSI or Diamond Sports International has great NFL bets. And if you’re new here, it’s time to sign up and take advantage of their 100% welcome bonus. 

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  • Check out our full reviews for more details.

    NFL Football Bets

    Being an NFL fan is not the same as being an expert NFL bettor.

    There are important details about how wagering works, and strategies to make top NFL bets. Check out the differences between the various types of NFL bets, as an important step on your ladder to making the best bets available.

    NFL Parlay Bets

    In NFL parlay bets, you bundle a number of bets into a bigger, riskier, and potentially more lucrative wager. If even one of your games goes the wrong way, you lose the entire parlay. The odds of winning these are steeper, and for that reason, the payout can be bigger.

    If you’re on a golden lucky streak, sign up for one of these, but only after checking out the latest NFL odds.

    NFL Over/Under Betting

    In Over/Under NFL betting, the sportsbook posts a number of some statistics, typically combined points scored. Then you would wager whether the actual number will be over or under that number.

    The best and most exciting over/under bets are on the Superbowl. Looking at Super Bowl odds can be a good gauge of how to place your over/under bets.

    NFL Preseason Betting

    Yes, you can even start betting before the season starts. This is a great place to get a grip on what’s happening before things heat up in the season.

    My recommendation is to think of NFL preseason betting as a testing ground. Where you can see which teams are outperforming their odds.

    If you want to do some extra sports odds homework, even before the preseason, you can always be sharpening your odds-watching tools on the MLB. This could be another way to practice reading odds and navigating the emotions associated with live betting. 

    It’s also a great opportunity to get your accounts set-up at the different sites, so you can know which one works best for you. The MLB and the preseason can be like your test run. 

    How to Bet on NFL Games

    If you are looking to start betting on NFL games, there is a lot to learn about gambling rules. The rules vary according to which NFL bet you want to make.

    • Moneyline

      Moneyline betting may seem strange at first. But it can be one of the simpler bets to make. If you are just figuring out how NFL betting works, moneylines are a great place to start.

      Moneylines are simple bets where you simply choose which team will win. Something that can be confusing is that if a team is listed with a negative number, that means it is favored. It may seem contradictory at first, but a team listed with a positive number is expected to lose.


    • Point-spread

      Point-spread bets build off of this numbering system. It is a way to essentially handicap the teams and even out the bets so that the favored team has to win by a certain amount of points for the bet.

      For example, if the Minnesota Vikings are favored at -7.5, they would have to win by at least 8 points to help their bettor-backers win.

    NFL Betting Strategy

    Your NFL Betting strategy will, of course, depend on which type of bet you are looking to take.

    One strategy is to take a sure bet. In this strategy, you can pick a near-certain favorite and plan on winning a small amount. Be warned: A sure bet in the NFL can never 100%.

    Another strategy is to bet small amounts on risky bets. This can be a good way to stay within budget while still hoping to gain a lot of money. Of course, you are more likely to lose your smaller investment. But if you win, you win big! Look for parlays if this is your strategy. 

    NFL Betting System

    If you want to take your NFL betting strategy to the next level, working on an NFL betting system is the way to go.

    A betting system is a structured strategy for NFL betting. Although in games with so much chance, it is difficult to alter long-term profit. Betting systems might be best thought of as a way to precisely balance risk and reward.

    NFL Betting Sites

    NFL Live Betting

    Betting live on NFL games is the most exciting format. Play-by-play, minute-by-minute, you can watch the odds change and adjust your wagers accordingly.

    You can watch your earnings go up as your outcome becomes more and more likely. Will you sell for a decent profit before the deal is sealed, or will you wait, and risk it all for an even bigger, more dazzling win.

    Live betting is so fast-paced that you may want to use Bitcoins when using this format. Bitcoin deposits come in a lot faster, and, depending on the site, you could deposit and be able to use those funds during the same game.

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