UFC Vegas Betting Odds

UFC Vegas Betting Odds

Las Vegas is the home of gambling and the UFC Vegas betting odds are the best in the business. The growth of the MMA industry has meant UFC betting is one of the most popular betting markets around.

The latest UFC odds are available but are likely to change throughout as the date of the fight approaches, so be sure to keep checking back with this page. 

Next Event – UFC 254

The odds for the UFC 254 have been released. The event will feature some excellent bouts, including the Lightweight title fight between Khabib and Gaethje. The odds were last updated on October 5, 2020: 

 1st Fighter  mybookie mybookie mybookie  2nd Fighter 
Khabib Nurmagomedov -357 +2000 (Draw) +260 Justin Gaethje
Robert Whittaker +100 +2000 (Draw) -125 Jared Cannonier
Alexander Volkov -200 +2000 (Draw) +160  Walt Harris
Magomed Ankalaev -303 +2000 (Draw) +230 Ion Cutelaba

The next major MMA event is the UFC 254, which will feature the title bout between Khabib and Justin Gaethje at Lightweight.

Where to Find the Best Odds for the UFC?

The UFC, and the Mix Martial Arts (MMA) industry in general, is growing at a rapid rate, with an ever-growing number of world-class contenders stepping into the Octagon. The best place to catch the action live is in Las Vegas. But where to find the best UFC odds online?

Fortunately, at VegasBetting we provide a comprehensive list of all the very best UFC and MMA recommended betting sites available. There are so many online sportsbooks these days, it’s a real challenge to know where to go. Simply select one of the many sportsbooks from our list and you’re away. Although, it’s worth noting that each sportsbook will offer varying odds, markets, bonuses and fees on deposits and withdrawals, as such it’s always worth shopping around the various sportsbooks to find which suits the user’s preferences.

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    Types of UFC Betting Odds

    Before placing a bet on UFC fights, one of the first things to do is to look into how to bet on UFC fights. It seems obvious, but there are so many ways to take advantage of the odds and maximize the value in a stake placed. 

    The overwhelming majority of bettors, especially first-time bettors, will wager on a win/loss, play the spread or over/under bets. Though these really are the basics, there are a variety of great prop bets, as well as options for stats and more specific elements of the fight.

    Also, become familiar with the different types of odds. There are 3 main types; American (+600), Decimal (7) and Fraction (6/1) odds, which will equate to the same value, however, the odds are displayed in a different way.

    UFC Odds

    UFC Point Spread

    There are numerous betting lines available to sportsbook users, which provide a variety of different avenues for the bettors to find value in the market. The odds created by providers are there to allure players in and the points spread allows bettors to wager against the favorite and go with the high-value odds of the underdog.

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  • As a user navigates the odds and market on a sportsbook, they will notice “-” and “+” showing up next to the sports betting lines. These symbols indicate which fighter is the favorite and which is the underdog. The “-” signify the favorite, so if a bettor goes against the point spread, they would choose the “+” fighter.

    An example would be if an MMA fan bets $200 against the on a point spread bet, they would need the bet to be slightly more than the $200 stake. The amount is dependent on the vig (otherwise known as juice, cut, or take) the selected sportsbook charges.

    UFC Types of bets

    UFC Against the Spread

    You often hear the words “against the spread”, when looking into various betting options and markets. Against the spread betting basically involves going against the bookmaker’s odds and choosing the underdog line.

    Though it isn’t a common bet among new users, it is still a very popular line. It allows the bettor to maximize their stake when the spread is low. Also, if the bettor believes the fighter can beat their opponent winning by at least the point spread chosen, there is another betting line available.

    This type of bet provides great value and offers huge rewards on UFC bets. For example, if a user wants to place a bet on UFC fights, like the one between Jose Aldo is fighting Conor McGregor and Aldo has odds of +2, while McGregor has -2, the Brazilian Aldo would have to win by more than 2 rounds, while McGregor would have to win by more than 2 rounds for the bettor to win.

    UFC bets online are very popular, but there are many other sports markets that offer great against the spread wagers. The NFL is a great example of a market for bettors looking to play against the spread.

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    NFL Odds
  • UFC Over/Under Odds

    The Over/Under is one of the most popular betting lines around, like with mainstream sports such as NBA, NFL or betting in the MLB. It’s a simple type of betting which involves simply correctly predicting whether the rounds will go over or under the amount chosen. If the bettor thinks the fight will be over with quickly, or the fight will play out for all the rounds.

    For example, if Jon Jones is fighting Dominick Reyes, a bettor may choose to play the over/under. They now must decide if they think the fight will be over with quickly or go the distance (go to the judge’s decision). The bettor must select a number, in this case, it could be 3.5 rounds.

    • Total over 3.5 rounds (5.00)

    The bettor may put $100 on this wager, meaning if the fight goes beyond 4 rounds the wager will payout $400 (including the stake). While if the fight is over before then, the bettor will lose.

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