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The teams with the best records aren’t guaranteed anything but home-field advantage. Lose one game and you’re out. It’s playoff time in January and sudden death in the National Football League. What a way to start the new year.

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In 2002, when the NFL expanded to 32 teams with the addition of the Houston Texans, the league realigned their two conferences with four four-team divisions in each. Seven teams changed divisions with the Seattle Seahawks switching from the AFC to the NFC, where they first played in 1976.

The playoff format now includes the four division winners plus two wild card teams from each conference. That means 20 teams are eliminated from the playoffs after regular season play, leaving six in each conference to battle it out for a spot in the Super Bowl.

Since the wild card system began in 1970, only 10 non-divisional winners have advanced all the way to the Super Bowl. Of those, six won the big game. Only four of those wild card teams — New England, Pittsburgh, New York Giants and Green Bay — won three games on the road to make it to the league championship.

Six teams have won a playoff game without scoring a touchdown. The Steelers accomplished the feat in the 2016 season when they defeated the Chiefs in the divisional round 18-16. The 2006 Colts were the last to do it before going on to win the Super Bowl.

Even though the playoffs may have started, it’s not too late to make a futures bet at Bovada, TopBet or Betonline. Odds are still available on the remaining playoff teams to win their conference or the Super Bowl. If you haven’t already bet your favorite teams, their odds will likely be lower next week if they continue to win.

NFL Playoff Money Lines

You just want to bet on your favorite team to win. You don’t want to worry about if they win by a field goal or touchdown, or what all those other betting numbers mean. Then this wager is for you. What you must remember, however, is that favorites pay less than underdogs with the money line.

NFL Playoff Point Spread

This bet is often called the “line” or “spread” and it remains one of the most popular bets with gamblers. Oddsmakers try and set the point spread as a perfect balance where the same amount of money will be wagered on both teams. Most gamblers are not going to bet on a wild card team to win playing on the road against a divisional winner. But they might if the divisional winner has to win by a touchdown or more. So, if the line is set at home team (-7.5), that means the underdog wins the bet if they win the game outright or they lose by seven points or less. You decide which side of the bet you want to be on.

NFL Playoff Over Under

This bet is also called the “total.” A number is set by oddsmakers that predicts the total number of points to be scored by the two teams in the playoff game. If, for example, the line in the over/under is set at 47.5 and the game ends 30-20, the “over” bet (30+20=50) would win. It does not matter in this bet which teams wins the game.

NFL Playoff Futures

Before the season even starts, you’re just betting on the home team to win the Super Bowl. That is a great example of a futures bet. You have wagered on the outcome of an event which is to be determined at a later date. Division winners, conference champions or just qualify for the playoffs — these are all futures bets.

NFL Playoff Props

A “proposition bet” has nothing to do with the final score of the game. Will the quarterback throw for 300 yards? Will there be a safety in the game? How many receptions will your favorite receiver have in the playoff game? These are all prop bets. You get to try and choose the winning side.

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