Bitcoin Betting Sites

Bitcoin betting sites are part of an incredible trend. The mainstreaming of Bitcoin is a growing force online.

If you need clarifications about Bitcoin, then you should check our Bitcoin Betting Guides.

For those who have been tech-savvy enough or have had their interest piqued by cryptocurrency, there’s good news every day. One of the most promising trends is the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin across a number of platforms. No longer confined to Silicon Valley, BTC is accepted at nearly every online gambling site.

At VegasBetting we join the leagues of US bettors who are pumped for Bitcoin betting. As the currency that offers greater identify protection, more speed, and beefed up bonuses, we couldn’t be happier to use them.

The Best Bitcoin Betting Sites

Read more about the Bitcoin at our favorite betting sites below.

Bitcoin at Bovada

Bovada sportsbook is happy to offer big bonuses and even bigger ones for Bitcoin users.

If your first deposit with Bovada is in Bitcoins, they will award you a 125% matching bonus. That’s 25% more than their normal welcome bonus.

You can this Bitcoin bonus up to three times, for a total of $3,750 just in bonuses.

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $250

    BTC Bonus 75% up to $750!

  • Bitcoin at MyBookie

    MyBookie offers an unbelievable five welcome bonuses. You can redeem their special Bitcoin 100% matching bonus up to five times.

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $1000

    Bonus also available in BTC

  • Bitcoin at GT Bets

    GT Bets offers the same welcome bonus if you deposit with BTC. They also offer a 5% bonus on every Bitcoin deposit after that! 

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $500

    Bonus also available in BTC

  • Bitcoin at BetOnline

    BetOnline offers special Bitcoin bonuses. Rather than a big-one time welcome bonus, you get a bonus every time you reload with Bitcoin. This is 35% and is certainly a reason to stick around this excellent Bitcoin betting site.

    They do offer welcome bonuses to all customers, even if they are not Bitcoin-specific.

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $1000

    BTC bonus up to $1,000

  • Bitcoin at BetNow

    BetNow does not charge any transaction fees with cryptocurrencies. So jump right in! You will probably find better BTC bonuses elsewhere.

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $1000

    Bonus also available in BTC

  • Bitcoin at BetUs

    BetUs has a simple design. It is not the most eye-catching, but it is reliable and accepts Bitcoins.

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $2500

    150% up to $5,000 (Promo Code SU150CRYPT)

  • Bitcoin at Intertops

    The Intertops Bitcoin bonus is 125% up to $1000. Remember you can use these funds at their casinos or their sportsbook.

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $500

    Bonus also available in BTC

  • Bitcoin at WagerWeb

    WagerWeb has been online since 1994. I didn’t even know what the internet was then! Their simple design wins them praise from their players.

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS 100%

    Bonus also available in BTC

  • Bitcoin at BetDSI

    BetDSI gives you a bigger welcome bonus when you make your first deposit with Bitcoin. You can earn up to $500 extra bucks.

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $1000

    150% up to $1,500


    Bitcoin at offers the same initial welcome bonus for Bitcoin bettors. And then they continue to offer a whopping 35% on all qualifying BTC deposits thereafter. 

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS 50%

    Bonus also available in BTC

  • Bitcoin at

    This online casino offers huge Bitcoin bonuses. Casinos tend to offer bigger bonuses than the sportsbooks. Here they offer a 300% matching bonus.

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $1000

    BTC bonus up to $ 7,500

  • Bitcoin at Wild Casino

    Wild Casino offers lots of Bitcoin welcome bonuses. On the first deposit, you can earn a 300% match. And then you can earn 150% on the next four.

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $1000

    Up to $9,000

  • Bitcoin at Cafe Casino

    Cafe Casino offers the possibility of the biggest Bitcoin bonus. You can get up to a 600% match on your first deposit if it is with Bitcoins. Wow!

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $5000

    Bonus Up to $6,000 with BTC

  • Bitcoin at XBet

    Xbet is the latest in a long-line of top-rated sportsbooks working with the infamous Bitcoin cryptocurrency. With excellent deposit bonuses for first-timers, look no further!

  • Play Online Now
    BONUS $300
  • How to Deposit at Betting Sites

    We recommend a number of sites that let you bet with Bitcoin. Once you have your Bitcoins, making a deposit is the next stop towards BTC betting.

    If you have never deposited with Bitcoins, you are in for a big, beautiful surprise. Not only are Bitcoins cheaper, generally without transaction fees, but they are also lightning fast.

    After processing your deposit, they arrive within minutes to your betting account. Compare that to the days or even a week with more traditional deposit methods.

    Once you make the deposit on the betting site, you will have to actually transfer the BTC from your wallet. The Bitcoin blockchain will process the request in a maximum of fifteen minutes, and the betting site will take it from there.

    Withdrawing Winnings at Bitcoin Betting Sites

    Withdrawing your winnings is everyone’s favorite part. And if you put your best foot forward with your Bitcoin gambling, then you should have mega-über winnings to put right back into your crypto wallet.

    Sites that accept Bitcoin deposit will also accept Bitcoin withdrawals. The main benefits of Bitcoin withdrawals are that they are almost always free, and immediate.

    If not immediately, within 24 hours. And this is a far-cry ahead of the 5 business days or longer with other withdrawal methods. Bitcoin is the best!

    Getting immediate withdrawals with Bitcoin really adds excitement to online sports and gambling. The instant gratification of watching those dollars roll in!

    It also is a relief to see how cheap it is to withdraw Bitcoins. It’s no fun to see your winnings widdle with transaction fees. Check out Bitcoin to save big bucks and avoid these fees.

    Betting sites also let you withdraw more winnings each transaction. In fact, many have no withdrawal limit if you make your deposits exclusively with Bitcoins.

    Identity Protection and Taxes with Bitcoin Gambling

    Bitcoin is based on decentralized blockchain technology. It is a bit confusing at first, but it is important to know that this comes with a few advantages in terms of protecting your identity.

    The first is that these transactions are either anonymous or pseudonymous. Each blockchain code has no personally-identifying information. It would take some serious computing skills for anyone, even the gambling site, to identify Bitcoin transactions with specific people, beyond the account on the gambling site.

    This is very different from traditional pàyment methods.

    That’s because traditional banks have to follow Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol. This involves reporting social security numbers for every transaction.

    This is why decentralized blockchain technology is so key. Here there is no central institution to regulate. Bitcoin does not report your name or your winnings to the IRS.

    It is your responsibility to report these winnings to the IRS. Otherwise, they might not know you have won them,

    Mobile Bitcoin Gambling

    The majority of mobile bitcoin gambling is done on the mobile version of the website. These do not require additional downloads or accounts. You can do all your Bitcoin sports betting from your mobile without another app crowding your phone’s home screen.

    Some of them, such as Intertops, offer special mobile bonuses. This is a great way to top off on your bonuses while you’re on the go.

    Mobile Bitcoin gambling can be especially convenient for those using online, mobile wallets. Often, these are apps, which can make all the difference when you want to quickly deposit your Bitcoins right form your smartphone.

    All of our recommended sports betting sites are compatible with tablets and smartphones.

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    Bitcoin Betting Sites FAQ

    To help Bitcoin users get to grips with the cryptocurrency and how to take advantage of its many benefits as a user, we made a short FAQ below.

    What’s the best sportsbook for Bitcoin betting?

    The best site for Bitcoin betting is a hard thing to come by, as there are so many options for players. While we could suggest some of the top-tier providers, it’s probably easier we direct users to our list of recommended sportsbook providers.

    What sports can I bet on with Bitcoin?

    The options are endless – we really mean that. If bettors are accessing online sportsbooks, they’ll find a whole world of betting lines, on more sports than are imaginable. From the most mainstream sports leagues like the NBA, NHL, and MLB to the lesser-known leagues and sports in far-reaching areas of the world.

    The vast majority of online sportsbooks allow and even encourage users to deposit using Bitcoin, so the options are extensive.

    Do sportsbooks keep their Bitcoins in “Cold Storage”?

    Cold storage is a term used to describe the reservation of Bitcoins offline. The majority of sportsbooks offer instant withdrawals, so the assumption is that they aren’t. However, sportsbooks take great measures to ensure safety, and cold storage ensures this in the case of a security breach. There are always enough Bitcoin funds stored on the server to pay out to players withdrawing funds.

    Does Bitcoin guarantee anonymity?

    There are very few payment methods that offer absolute anonymity. However, Bitcoin is pretty close and doesn’t require bettors to reveal too much of their personal information. When transferring Bitcoins, users don’t need to input any personal information or confirm their identity, with further avenues for users to increase the level of privacy with each transaction.

    Is Bitcoin legal and safe?

    It really depends on where the bettor is located. But, for the most part, it’s not illegal across the states. As it stands, nobody has been criminally prosecuted for buying Bitcoins. It is expressly legal in the U.S., while this is true it’s still largely unregulated, which is something that scares off many potential new users.

    What is mBTC?

    As we already mentioned, BTC is the common acronym used for Bitcoins, especially online and when completing transactions. Equally, bettors will see “mBTC” as a payment method on sportsbooks, with the “m” referring to the milli, which represents the unit one-thousandth of the base unit.

    Do sportsbooks charge fees for deposits?

    Generally speaking, they do yes. However, this isn’t always the case and for Bitcoin users, this is very rarely the case. Sportsbook providers prefer customers to deposit using Bitcoin, as it’s swift and convenient. As such, they offer great promotions and deals on Bitcoin deposits.

    Do Bitcoin deposits get bonuses?

    Bonuses are offered by all sportsbook providers, with “Welcome Bonuses” being offered on first-time deposits. These welcome bonuses can gift customers with large sums of free money and bets, depending on the original amount deposited. These types of bonuses are prevalent on major sportsbooks, permanently often offering the best to Bitcoin users.

    Do all sportsbooks accept Bitcoin?

    While we can’t speak for all the online sportsbooks in operation today, Bitcoin does frequently as a payment method with most of the top-rated sportsbooks. We would recommend checking out our list of the recommended sportsbooks to see exactly which providers off Bitcoin as a payment method.

    Is Bitcoin a popular payment method for bettors in 2020?

    Absolutely yes. We would even go as far as to say that it’s the payment method of 2020. Cryptocurrencies offer a new system, which works effectively, quickly, and with little fuss. This is hugely appealing to both customers and providers. A payment method that benefits both users and providers is a match made in heaven and we expect to see a lot more crypto users in the coming years.