Round Robin Betting

Round Robin Betting

For those of our readers that are still wondering how does a round-robin bet work? We’ll break it all down going into detail about what to do when placing a round robin bet and working through the various steps to maximizing the value of a stake when wagering on this betting market.

Round robin sports betting is a great creative way of enjoying a wager on your favorite sports. It entails betting a parlay type of bet that involves making multiple bets at once. The name comes from the term used to define the type of tournament (round-robin tournaments), which involves all teams playing against each other at least once.

Round robin betting basically requires bettors to construct a number of smaller parlays to include all possible combinations of events. The minimum number of three parlays in your round-robin bet, but there is no maximum.

We will make sure once this article is finished we have all types of round-robin bet explained and bettors are ready to start enjoying the markets!

Round Robin Betting Strategy

Generally speaking, round-robin bets offer an excellent opportunity to minimize losses without taking away from a potentially big payout. 

Round robin bets cover such a wide number of options, the payouts received are generally smaller than if one big parlay hits, as with round robins you don’t be concerned about your parlay failing if you don’t predict the outcome of one event.

When looking at round robin betting, this betting format should be thought of as a security policy that still has the big payout potential of a parlay bet.

Round Robin Bet Example

In order to place a round robin bet, users must select a minimum of three separate parlay bets on at least three different betting lines. That isn’t to say they can’t select more – there are no limits to the number of markets bettors can play.

This often confuses bettors, so we’ll give our readers a round robin bet example to clear any confusion up:

  • Dallas Mavericks 7.5 (-650)
  • LA Clippers 3.5 (-250)
  • Colorado Avalanche 1.5 (-110)

Here for example, if you were going to construct one regular parlay, you’d need all three of these teams to cover the spread. The options available to bettors looking to take part in round-robin betting are endless.

Using a round-robin bet calculator will make any calculations that users may be struggling with a lot easier. The big advantage, and a point we’ve touched on before, is any round-robin bet will give the user a level of added security while remaining profitable as a bet. Typically with a parlay bet all three events would need to come in for the payout, but with round-robin bets you’d construct three different two-team parlays.

How Do You Make a Round Robin Bet?

All the top-tier sportsbook providers run software that allows bettors to quickly and easily make round robin bets. Alternatively, there are often prop round robin bets which users can choose from throughout the year.

So, how do you win a round-robin bet? Well, it’s simple. Choose which lines you’d like to include. Then, if the option is there, select how many different ways to parlay, which means the total number of games within the parlay, and finally how much you want to stake on the bet. At this point, the sportsbook will automatically calculate all the options you need to create a round-robin bet.

Alternatively, for those players that want to make a more conservative round robin bet, they can place a three-line bet. These types of bets are more common, less risky, and often come in if the bettor is well-informed about the market they’re going to play.

Creating smart combinations for round-robin betting isn’t an easy process, as there are so many ways bettors can make a mistake. However, there are a variety of prediction sites and software to help bettors generate great bets.

Typically, sportsbooks don’t allow bettors to generate round robin bets with more than eight lines. We have discussed the fact bets can have as many lines as the player wants and this is true. However, it really depends on the sportsbook in question, so this is something worth checking out before depositing.

”Number of Ways” option explained

This is a question our readers often bring up when it comes to understanding round robin sports betting. If a bettor selects the “number of ways” (parlay size), it simply refers to the number of lines involved in the bet.

As we discussed before, the minimum is three-betting lines with a maximum of eight (or more with selected sportsbooks). So, if a bettor chooses four lines, they could either generate a parlay that was two games or three games in size. In a situation where the bettor has chosen four lines with a two-event parlay, there would then be six total combinations to work with when creating the bet. 

For those that are looking for more information regarding betting and how to maximize the value of their stake, take a look at our page of guides for sports betting sites and online sports betting. 

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