Betting 101: Sports Betting Guide

Betting 101: Sports Betting Guide

For new sportsbook users, thinking about how to bet on sports and understanding betting tips can be a daunting proposition. But, with the emergence of fantasy sports coupled with new and innovative betting markets, has led to a renaissance for the more conventional sports betting lines.

Our sports betting 101 guide will cover the most basic elements of sports betting and how to enter the industry with a bit of momentum and confidence about how to start making money. All our sports betting guides are geared towards informing our readers to make them sharper – a guide to modern sports betting techniques.

We recommend taking a look at our other core guides on how to read odds and how to manage your bankroll, once you’re done with this one!

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An Evolving Sports Betting Landscape

During the 90s there was a huge anti-gambling stigma held in US culture. But in recent years that opinion has become outdated and now a large portion of the public are looking to get involved in sports betting, which is what prompted us to create a betting 101 guide.

Changes in the legality of sports betting in many states across the country have led to a huge influx of new online users. But many of those bettors are starting their betting journey without the right information to help guide them. We’ll provide the basics and more right here!

Shop Around for the Best Sportsbook

Each sportsbook will have it’s own lines and odds, so it’s worthwhile having an account with a variety of top-tier providers. This allows the bettor to make comparisons between the odds and betting lines on offer, deciding on the best line and placing a bet there.

Certain sites are more dedicated to certain sports, thus offering broader markets and more competitive odds for said sports. But, ultimately, the main purpose of this is to keep options open – no bettor should force themselves into working with one sportsbook. As well as getting a broader view of the market, bettors are able to take advantage of the various bonuses and promotions offered at each sportsbook.

We won’t provide sports betting tips in this guide, but we will point our readers in the right direction when it comes to building the foundations for a successful sports betting career.

How Much to Bet

Sports betting is a question of risk versus reward. Nobody can really tell you what is the right amount to bet. It’s about your own personal finances and what you can afford to bet, plus how much money you feel it’s worth wagering on one particular bet. Sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint.

Bettors will have days they feel invincible, but they will also have days where they are completely unable to hit anything. As such, sticking to a consistent flat-rate when betting will allow users to control their bankroll and not lose too much in one day of playing.

Often this value is somewhere between 1-5%, meaning bettors don’t risk losing a chunk of their funds on one bet. Bettors must try to guard themselves throughout their betting career and get into the habit of doing this from day one, as habits are hard to kick in gambling.

What Lines to Play

This is another aspect of sports betting that is subjective, but it’s certainly part of betting 101 and something newcomers need to learn. Spotting value in the odds is key to success. There are a variety of sure betting tips and prediction sites, which can help users to locate the best lines to play at top-tier sportsbooks.

However, no matter how good it is, no sports betting guide is going to be able to give exact odds to play. While this is true, there are certain betting lines that are more fruitful than others.

Major sports leagues are typically the best, as it’s hard to ignore the progress of major sports leagues as they infect most aspects of society. Having knowledge of the betting market you’re intending to wager on is of huge benefit to the bettor. Not only this, but these markets also offer a great range of betting lines.

Another option is the King of Sports, horse racing. Horse racing provides users with such a broad range of betting options, as well as some great insider tips and dedicated forecasting sites. However, nothing is without risk and ultimately sticking to any market that you have knowledge about will always best serve the bettor.

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