Props Betting Guide

Props Betting Guide

Many players get bored of wagering on the same betting lines, which are often money lines and point spreads. At this point, many bettors turn to proposition bets – an exciting betting line that provides a unique and entertaining betting line.

But what is a prop bet? It’s the ideal way to break the mold, try something new, wager on the event and the entertainment that surrounds it rather than the actual outcome of the sporting event. This guide will provide an in-depth explanation of how prop bets work and how to maximize the value through an excellent prop betting strategy.

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What is a Prop Bet?

Prop (proposition) bets vary so much in terms of what they offer, as the vast majority of prop bets are offered for major events such as the World Cup, Superbowl or NBA Playoffs. What makes prop betting a lot easier is the fact bettors rarely need to understand anything about the sport or event, as the bet is often a “yes” “no”. An example of an NBA prop bet could be;

LeBron James to score more than 10 in every game of the Playoff finals. The oddsmakers will likely give a specific total or offer a yes/no outcome.

A sportsbook provider may display this in a variety of ways, but most commonly bettors will see “LeBron to score more than 10 points in each Playoff game. Yes. No.” Bettors will be expected to select one of the two options. It’s important that bettors understand the fundamentals regarding betting and how to read the odds, then making the most of prop bets will be a straightforward process.

Understanding Prop Betting Strategy

Prop betting strategy entails finding the right sportsbook provider and then looking for oddsmakers offering betting markets on particular events the bettors are interested in playing.

The best way to do this is to wait for a particular event to come up — let’s say the Superbowl — and then look around for prop bets on the event. Not only does it mean the bettor can enjoy watching their favorite event, but it adds a little more spice to the day knowing there is money to be won!

Once the bettor has found markets with their favorite provider, they must begin searching through the various prop bets on offer and try to find value in the markets. Like with any wager, it’s important for the bettor to find something that could favor the bettor; competitive odds, high likelihood of paying out, and overall a balanced wager. Be persistent with prop bets, shop the various sportsbooks, and ultimately chase value in every wager.

What is Smart Prop Betting?

Many betting pros or “sharps” believe that proposition bets are designed to ruin casual, uninformed bettors. Of course, the “juice” (the money the oddsmaker takes) on proposition bets is higher than on regular betting lines. However, this doesn’t take away from the value

of prop betting.

Because prop bets are largely designed for bettor’s entertainment, it means the bets are given less attention from the providers. Prop bets are often associated with over/under, which means that if bettors want to be really smart, they can go and search the over/under from the same provider and look for more value there.

So, what is the point of prop betting? There is tremendous value in prop betting and those who are able to research the specifics of player performance should probably look to wagers on mainstream betting lines. Prop bets are generally for the casual player, but there is always value to be taken, regardless of the bettor’s knowledge.

For those bettors who love to research players and the finer details of the particular sport in question, it’s well worth taking a look at the prop bets on offer!

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