On the hunt for some Dash betting sites? Here we will lay out the basics of Dash and point you to where you can start playing as soon as possible.

Dash-a mix of the words “digital” and “cash”– is one of the top cryptocurrencies globally. It was founded in 2014, as a fork from Bitcoin. In April 2018, it was valued at more than $4 Billion.

      Dash Online Betting Sites

      Online Dash betting sites are not the most common. You have a few good options, which is all you really need.

      Bet DSI accepts Dash as well. With live betting and generous welcome bonuses, of 100%, it is definitely worth checking out. If you are interested in Dash gambling, this site is a good option.

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    • Decisions as to the management of Dash are made by shareholders. In order to be a voting shareholder, you have to have 1000 Dash and enough computing capacity. But don’t worry, you can use Dash just like other cryptocurrencies!

      If you want to bet with other forms of digital cash, check out our recommended crypto and Bitcoin betting sites.

      How to Get Dash

      You can get Dash in the same ways you can get other cryptocurrencies. It is, of course, the first step before heading over to a Dash gambling site. Let’s look at some of the most popular ways to get your paws on some Dash.

      • Exchange
      • Faucet
      • Gambling

      Dash Exchanges

      The first and most common is at an exchange. Exchanges are websites or apps where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. There is a wide range of exchanges available.

      Coinbase is extremely popular and user-friendly. It’s an easy choice. But it is always a good idea to shop around. Exchanges vary in the rates at which you can buy and sell Dash, and also in what types of fees they charge.

      Getting Dash via an exchange is such a common way that it is even featured on Dash’s official website. There’s a great tool there to compare rates across a number of exchanges.

      Dash Gambling

      You can also get Dash by gambling. This is not a job or a sure-fire way of making money. But that’s the excitement: the chance.

      Winning Dash at online betting sites is definitely a possibility. If you win, it would probably come in faster than the faucets. But it is naturally less certain.

      Dash Faucets

      You can also get Dash via Dash faucets. Just like the faucet you would have in your kitchen, these are sources of Dash that come in drip by drip. The hope is that these drips accumulate into a sizable amount.

      At these sites, you register and enter your information. After confirming your account, you can “open the faucet.”

      Basically, you have to complete simple HI (human intelligence) tasks. By proving you are there to complete the tasks, they can pay the advertisers, and thus, also pay you.

      It seems like an easy way to make some money. A sure-fire way to round out the end of the month.

      However, most sites pay you a very very tiny amount. You’d have to have 100 sites up and running, racing between tabs, to really make a noticeable amount of money.

      This is a possibility, but I would recommend other routes to get Dash.

      Dash Wallet

      Dash wallets are important places for storing your digital currencies. Most of the important things to keep in mind for cryptocurrency wallets will apply to Dash wallets. You’ll need one of these to spend the Dash that you buy on exchanges.

      Dash wallets are secure places to store your digital cash. Generally speaking, the more secure, the less easy it is for you to access your funds. This is practically a law of nature. It also means you will have to decide.

      Keep in mind that wallets will vary not only in security and ease but also in their fee structure. These pain points include whens ending or some times if you have a dormant account for a few months.

      An additional concern is that not all wallets will be compatible with Dash. The biggest ones will be. It is always a good idea to just double-check to make sure.

      If you’re not sure about which one to set up, Dash has its own wallet. Its called Dash Core Wallet. It’s a great choice for convenience and security. It is specially optimized for desktop use.

      You can’t go too wrong storing your Dash in the official Dash wallet.

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