College Football Betting Sites

College Football Betting Sites

College football is a huge enterprise all across the United States. The team here at VegasBetting wants to help you navigate all the college football betting sites out there.

As such a big sport, it attracts lots of spectators. And with alumni, students, the families of students, and home-town pride, college football betting takes on extra enthusiasm and rivalry.

Let’s take a look together at the NCAAF betting sites, discuss the advantages of each, and finally delve into some of the details and strategies of college football betting.

Best College Football Betting Sites

We have compiled a list of the best online college football betting sites. We recommend only the best and are here to help you choose the one that is best suited for you.

Each of the following sites comes with its own advantages, whether it be design, payout ease, or level of experience in the industry. There is no single best site for such a big and widespread activity such as college football betting.

So we have a few NCAAF betting sites to recommend. They are all excellent, and we present them to you, for you to make the final decision. Betting at the best sites will, of course, help you make the best NCAAF bets.

If you do not find what you are looking for here, you can always check out our full list of recommended sites and their detailed reviews.

College Football Betting at GTBets

GTBets is a very solid Sportsbook. This sportsbook is known for its fast payouts and generous bonuses.

It is fairly easy to sign up here and is a trusted name in the industry.

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  • College Football Betting at Bovada

    Bovada is the most widely used football betting site. It is an internationally trusted name and should be part of any serious bettor’s rotation.

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    BONUS $250

    BTC Bonus 75% up to $750!

  • College Football Betting at Intertops

    Intertops got online early and have been a major player since. Check them out to see why they command such a huge and loyal following.

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    Bonus also available in BTC

  • College Football Betting at BookMaker

    Got altcoins? BookMaker almost definitely accepts them for NCAAF bets. They process transactions for over forty types of cryptocurrencies.

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  • College Football Betting at BetUs

    BetUs is great for sports bettors. As the gold-standard for odds, serious NCAAF bettors love this sportsbook.

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    150% up to $5,000 (Promo Code SU150CRYPT)

  • College Football Betting at is great for those who want to use Bitcoin to bet on college football. They give a 35% reload bonus on every cryptocurrency deposit.

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  • College Football Betting is Legal in the US

    People often may think college football betting is unavailable to US bettors. This absolutely not the case. You may easily and legally be at our recommended football betting sites.

    This confusion stems from a few misassociations. The first is the fact that it is illegal to run an online betting site in most states. This law has absolutely nothing to say about offshore sites or sites from states where it is legal.

    Most of our partners operate from Central America or the Caribbean.

    Another confusion we hear from our readers comes from the scandals involving college admission. Betting on a college football match is illegal if you are a participating athlete. It is also illegal to pay to gain admission to a university.

    These forms of graft are very different from a college football or betting fan wagering on a website. This activity is perfectly legal.

    NCAAF Betting Sites

    Types of NCAAF Bets

    In order to make the best NCAAF bets, it’s important to have an understanding of odds in general and to keep an eye on the odds for other football leagues specifically.

    You should also be familiar with the most common types of college football bets. Let’s take a look at which ones are the most popular to help you figure out the best bet for you to make.

    • Moneylines: Moneylines are among the simplest NCAAF bets. If you are looking to get into the sports or football betting world, this is the place to start.

    In a moneyline bet, you are simply betting on the team you think will win. This is a spot where you can work out your safe bet strategy. Of course, you have to take a little risk at least int he wagering world to turn any profit.

    Even for safe bets, you should be betting with on favorites of at least 1.45. Anything less than that, and you are unlikely to generate winnings in the long run. Remember, risk and reward are inversely proportional.

    • Point Spread: Point spread betting requires a bit more know-how than moneyline betting. In this scenario, a sportsbook publishes a number, let’s say a prediction. This number represents the total points both college football teams will score.

    You then decide if you think the total points will be more or less than the number posted. This is of course much harder to predict than betting that the favorite will come out on top!

    • Parlay: Parlay bets are perhaps the riskiest, and therefore, most profitable wagers around. In parlays, you bundle several bets into a single wager.

    If even one of your matches goes south, you lose the entire parlay!

    This is, of course, a big chance. Even favorites will lose every now and then, making parlays difficult to win.

    Parlays are great ways to wager within your entertainment budget. Because with a small amount of money you can win big, and your wager can last several weeks. The potential entertainment and winnings that come out of parlays are large.

    College Football Public Betting and Percentage

    Public betting percentages are how betting trends are measured. If one side of the bet has a large percentage, that would tell that the pros are betting on that side.

    This is a great resource for expert bettors to find the best value when gambling on college football.

    One strategy that you can deploy with this resource is the contrarian or against the public method. This is something to do when you sense that the public may be making emotional bets, rather than ones best on logic.

    Sometimes a storyline makes people want a team to win, so they bet for them. You can monitor this with public betting percentages.

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