MLB Playoffs Vegas Odds

Major League Baseball’s offseason is very popular among bettors, as the regular season comes to a close and gives teams from each league – made up of the three division winners and two wild cards on each side.

The odds to win the World Series in the 2020 season are now available. The odds are subject to change as the season continues, so keep checking back with this page for the latest info. The odds were last updated on October 20, 2020:

2020 MLB Championship Winners Odds bovada gtbets BetOnline

Tampa Bay Rays

+175 +180 +175

Los Angeles Dodgers

-200 -220 -200

There’s a lot on the line for the teams and the sportsbook providers recognize this, offering a great range of MLB betting lines and MLB Playoff odds. Starting with the wild card teams game in a best-of-five series, before going to a best-of-seven series between the two surviving teams.

The MLB Playoffs odds are hottest during the final stage, as we move to the World Series best-of-seven games. You can find the latest World Series Vegas odds here.


BetNow is one of the top-tier sportsbooks providers offering odds on the World Series. You can find a full breakdown of World Series betting, as well as MLB odds to make playoffs, typical betting lines, and props.

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  • MLB Playoff Odds Explained

    The MLB odds and more pertinently the MLB playoff odds offer a superb wagering line. Run lines and money line bets are hot property, with a sea of baseball fans wagering online with their favorite sportsbook providers.

    As we said before, moneyline bets are the most popular betting line available. Betting on the favorite or underdog to qualify after the 5-game or 7-game is all that a moneyline requires. This is always an appealing line, whether it’s MLB playoff odds or even other odds for other mainstream sports such as NFL and MLS odds.

    Vegas odds for the MLB playoffs are unique and open up a whole new and exciting betting line for sportsbook players.

    For those that are new to baseball, playoff odds for MLB can be confusing. The betting terminology and specific MLB playoff lines can deter many players. To avoid that and make your betting experience an entertaining one, we will break everything down for you.

    MLB playoff odds in Vegas offer a variety don’t vary too much from the regular season to the Playoffs, but there are a few differences. If you feel you’re already well-informed, check out MyBookie, or have a glance through our comprehensive list of recommended sportsbooks and start your MLB betting journey today!

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  • MLB Run Line

    Another one of the popular MLB playoff lines is the run line, which entails placing a bet on the favorite to win by two runs or more to score in the run line. If the underdog loses by one run or wins the game overall, the underdog is the winning ticket. Basically, any one-run game goes to the underdog in the run line wager.

    MLB Money Lines

    You’re probably familiar with moneyline betting as it’s the most popular betting market around. It’s a straightforward bet. MLB play odds would require the bettor to wager on one team to win outright. The payout is wagered against the odds, which are determined by each sportsbook. Any moneyline bet will have an underdog and favorite, with the favorite paying out the lesser of the two.


    MLB Over Under

    Much like the moneyline wagers, over under lines are extremely popular within MLB playoffs odds in Vegas. Over under lines are based on the run total in a game. Simply decide whether the total is going to be “over” or “under” the number set by the MLB oddsmakers.

    MLB Futures Odds

    MLB futures bets are exactly as they sound. MLB fans are betting on an event that finishes in the future. For example, a bettor may place a wager on the MLB World Series winner at the start of the year. There are a variety of bets available such as MVP, AL champion, NL champion to name a few.

    MLB Player Props

    A prop bet in MLB betting lines is no different than prop bets elsewhere. They’re side-bets and often have little to do with the outcome of the game. Examples of MLB prop bets are how many hits will a player collect, how many home runs will be hit in a game, will the game go into extra innings, MLB line ups, or MLB MVP odds.

    Best Vegas MLB Playoff Odds

    The vast majority of online sportsbooks offer vegas MLB playoff betting odds. But how do you which sportsbook providers are safe, secure, and trustworthy? There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect odds, hitting big and then not being able to deposit funds safely and on time.

    There are always scam artists out there, but they’re easily avoided if you know what you’re doing. Top-tier sportsbook providers such as GT Bets and Intertops offer great MLB playoff lines and are well-established.

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  • While we recommend these providers, there is an array of sportsbooks offering MLB odds and we’d always encourage our users to shop around before depositing or placing a bet. Learning how to read the odds and always looking for value in a stake is key to success when playing the MLB playoffs odds.

    The MLB regular season is long and leisurely, with over 2,000 games played in total, by the time the post-season arrives bettors are ready to start placing some more serious wagers.

    With thousands of betting options available to players, on all eight divisions, the two league championships, and the crescendo the World sides. All of these events draw in bettors from across the globe. If you’re thinking of getting in on the MLB playoffs odds, there’s no better time!

    MLB Vegas Odds on World Series

    Once the MLB Playoffs are concluded we move to the climax of the MLB season, the MLB World Series. Otherwise known as the “Fall Classic” the World Series is one of the busiest times of the year for sportsbooks.


    The intensity and speed of the game go up a notch or three. With millions across the globe watching the action unfold, there is much to a play for as a bettor.

    The World Series is the culmination of a gruelling 162-game regular season, with the championship series between the American League and National League winners. The event takes place towards the end of October, in a best-of-seven series to crown one team the MLB champions for a year. MLB players will also be able to lift the Commissioner’s Trophy.

    The Las Vegas MLB odds for the MLB Playoffs and World Series are red hot and warrant a lot of attention from the gambling world. For those that want to get involved in the action for the World Series or odds to make MLB playoffs in general, check out BetOnline

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  • Now that you have the odds for the MLB Playoffs and that you’ve learned how to bet on them, it is time to check the best MLB betting sites.

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