Instadebit Sportsbooks

Instadebit Sportsbooks

Instadebit sportsbooks are hard to come by for US bettors. This is unfortunate because Instadebit gambling comes with plenty of benefits.

While it’s not easily available to bettors in the US, it is still important to understand. Lots of our readers have questions about it Let’s explain what Instadebit is, lay out some of the benefits of using it, and present some alternatives.

What is Instadebit?

Instadebit is a secure online payment platform for Canadians. It supports every bank and financial institution in Canada. There is probably a lot of hockey betting that happens with it.

It is technologically advanced and well-integrated. You can use it on video games and Facebook.

It is similar to Paypal, in that you do not have to upload any funds to your Instadebit account. In fact, you cannot upload any funds into your Instadebt account. It is not an eWallet. It is simply a pathway to more securely connect your bank account to the merchant or betting sites.

This is great! It is one less step you have to take to set things up. However, it might be a little harder for responsible gambling. If having direct access to your entire bank account is a concern for you, choose another deposit method.

Many allow you to move money into your account, thus establishing a monthly entertainment budget.


How do I use Instadebit to Gamble?

Instadebit is very easy to use. We will explain the basic steps here. Just keep in mind that this payment method is more of an option if you ever move to Canada.

It is easy to set up and use Instadebit. You can sign up instantly, and do not have to wait for approval or activation. It’s very quick and easy.

During the signup process, you will be asked for your bank account information. This is because it is the way Instadebit processes any payments you request.

Once you have registered and decided where you want to send your money for a purchase or entertainment, it is already done basically. At checkout, select Instadebit as your payment method, log in to your account and approve the transaction.

That’s it! You do not need to deposit funds into your Instadebit account.

Advantages of Using Instadebit

Using Instadebit comes with many advantages over some other common payment methods. If it ever comes to the US, this is something you will be able to take advantage of.

Increased Security

Using Instadebit to gamble comes with increased security. This has to do with the structure.

Because you do not deposit any money into Instadebit, your money remains safe in your bank account. This is a comforting place to leave money. Instead of having small bits of it scattered around.

Also, Instadebit serves as an insulating layer of protection between your bank account and merchant sites.

In other words, your bank account information never goes into the betting or merchant site. You do not have to trust that site to protect your data, because they will not have it.


Setting up and using Instadebit is among the easiest of all. You do not have to go through extensive verification processes. It is really quite seamless.

Part of setting up your account is connecting it to your bank account. So once it is set up, you are good to go. You do not have to transfer funds, or anything complicated.

It is really just a two-step process. Set up an account. Pay at the merchant site.

In Canada it is widely used and accepted, making it even more convenient there.

Disadvantages of Instadebit Gambling

While Instadebit is a perfect payment method for so many, it is not for everyone. Specifically, for bettors in the US without a Canadian bank account, there is not much you can do.

For now, none of our recommended betting sites accept Instadebit in the US. This is, of course, a rather large disadvantage.

It’s good to understand this payment method, so you can continue comparing other ones. Also, in case you ever move to Canada, or if Instadebit expands, you will be ready for it!

Instadebit Welcome Bonuses

We all love our bonuses! How could you now?

After all, it is great to start winning even before your first bet. That is what betting is all about, and bonuses can go a long way to boosting your winnings.

Since welcome bonuses are dependent on an initial deposit, many people wonder if any deposit methods will disqualify them for these welcome bonuses.

Instadebit, like all deposit methods, will equally win you a welcome package. Since there are no Instadebit Betting SItes that we would recommend in the US, you do not have to worry about the fact that none offer Instadebit-specific welcome bonuses.

Betting with Bitcoin will however get you extra welcome bonuses at a number of online betting sites. This is something worth checking out, as the extra Dollars can be considerable.

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