Tennis Betting Online: How to Bet on Tennis

Tennis Betting Online: How to Bet on Tennis

Tennis is played at virtually all levels and ages of American society. It started over a century ago in England and has grown to be a major Olympic sport.

While it has not always been one of the major or most watched sports in the United States. Over the years a few big events or stars have thrust tennis, and tennis betting, into the national spotlight.

From the Battle of the Sexes to Serena Williams, tennis has had its fair share of superstar moments. Read on to get established in these tennis betting sites and strategies so you can be prepared to cash in when the excitement explodes. 

Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis is a large and established sports gambling option. Almost every sports betting site is also a tennis betting site.

Here we will highlight the best online tennis betting sites for you, depending on your needs. Be sure to check out the full list of recommended sites to do an even more in-depth analysis.

Tennis Betting at Bovada

Bovada is the king of online sports betting. It has been online since 2011 and is part of the internationally-trusted Bodog network. This site knows what it’s doing!

They offer live betting as well as futures. You can view their odds in American, decimal, or fractional annotation. And they have all the latest matches right on their tennis homepage.

In other words, they’ve got it all.

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  • Tennis Betting at BetOnline

    BetNow is an even newer site. Founded in 2004, it has always had the goal to focus on the customer. Look for great customer service with BetOnline.

    They offer live betting as well as futures. Unfortunately, players from New Jersey cannot play at Betonline.

    BetOnline offers great bonuses as well. If your first deposit is made with cryptocurrency, they offer a 100% matching bonus. They offer a 25% reload bonus for all qualifying deposits, up to $500.

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  • Tennis Betting with BetUs

    BetUs is a well-established sportsbook and provides excellent customer service to bettors. They offer a broad range of markets and more pertinently have soft odds on tennis markets. 

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  • Tennis Betting with WagerWeb

    WagerWeb is one of the top online sportsbooks for tennis betting. Throughout the year there are numerous events, including the majors, which are all covered with excellent odds at this sportsbook. 

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  • Tennis Betting with Intertops

    Intertops is an excellent choice for tennis fans looking to get a little action on matches. With an array of betting options to choose from, it’s an excellent choice. 

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  • Tennis Betting with is another great sportsbook that we highly recommend to sports fans at VegasBetting. They cover all the events throughout the year and have a broad range of markets for other major sports such as the NFL, NBA and MLB.

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    Tennis Betting Strategy

    So much ink has been spilled covering betting strategies for the bigger sports like football or basketball. This is exactly why studying up on some tennis betting strategies can be a very efficient route to betting riches.

    Another reason tennis is a better betting option is that it cannot end in a draw. This eliminates a possibility and ups your chances of coming out on top. Keep this in mind as you compare tennis to NBA odds. 

    Of course, a Rafael Nadal bet will not be the way to get rich quick. It’s never a bad idea to place a safe bet, especially as part of a tennis betting strategy that seeks to diversify the portfolio. You will earn fewer winnings, but are significantly more likely to come out on top with safe bets like these.

    When going the safe bet route, we recommend betting on favorites of at least 1.4. If they are favored at 1.25, for example, it is difficult to make a profit.

    If you do not want to take the safe bet route, a riskier, and therefore potentially more profitable option, is points betting. It can be much easier and safer to bet on a sure winner. But the exact point will inevitably be more difficult to predict.

    Live Tennis Betting

    Live tennis betting is a way to get a bonus on the excitement. As time crunches and the game continues, emotions can run high. So can the winnings!

    Live tennis betting also comes with its own strategies. For example, you can place a small bet on the underdog before the match starts. If the favorite fails to score first, sit back and salivate as your original wager balloons!

    You will love this strategy as a way to gamble responsibly within your budget, while also maximizing your profit potential. Not to mention your excitement potential.

    You can sell off once the underdog pulls ahead. Because this is somewhat likely to happen at some point in the match, you can increase your probability of coming out ahead. This is an advantage of in-play tennis betting.

    Live tennis betting is available at many tennis betting sites. We see a similar thing in the NFL, with many sites offering NFL live betting.

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    NFL Betting Sites
  • Tennis Betting Scandal

    Tennis betting has gone through a bit of a scandal. Well, actually two.

    A few years ago, there was a problem with umpires and live betting. They were running a sophisticated ring to manipulate betting markets during live betting.

    Umpires would text individual bettors about who had scored, before officially updating the scores. In other words, some bettors were able to trade based on essentially classified information that the majority of bettors did not have access to.

    In business trading, this is called “insider trading,” and many have faced jail time for it.

    Another, more recent tennis betting scandal, seems to be confined to Europe. In December of 2019, German media broke a story about an Armenian betting mafia network.

    Apparently, they were working in cahoots with around 135 players. These were mostly minor players. Only one was in the top 30 players worldwide.

    Tennis officials have acted swiftly to combat these scandals.

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