5Dimes Bonus

  • Reduced Juice Betting Markets
  • High Cash Back Rewards
  • Great Rebate Reward Programs
  • Outdated Interface and Software

5Dimes Bonus Pros and Cons

  • Welcome Promotion up to $2,000
  • Reduced Juice Betting Markets
  • High Cash Back Rewards
  • Outdated Interface and Software

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5Dimes Promotions

If you are looking for a new place to make wagers on sports and other entertainment, consider 5Dimes for all of your betting needs. You will be able to bet on sporting events from all over the country, including American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and horse racing.

5Dimes bonus promotions and offers are available throughout the year, with some long-lasting and others that pop up for short periods of time. The 5Dimes deposit bonus is great and although not unique to this sportsbook, it offers a great amount of free cash to users.

Like many other sportsbooks, this provider offers a lot of options to users. From 5Dimes bonus codes to 5Dimes reload bonus deals, we will cover it all in this 5Dimes review and inform our readers on everything they need to know about this great provider.

5Dimes Welcome Bonus

The 5Dimes signup bonus offers users the opportunity to get 50% in free cash on deposits of $100-$2,000. With deposits of $500-$2,000, users will receive an extra 20% bonus on top of the signup bonus.

The 50 matched 5Dimes deposit bonus is worth up to $200 when they sign up. Bettors must deposit at least $400 to gain the full $200 cashback in free bets. If bettors deposit more than $400, they will receive a 20% bonus on everything beyond that number.

A few examples are; $500 deposit would net $220 in free bets, while a $1,000 deposit would see you awarded $320 in free bets. These numbers will continue to work in this pattern, up until the maximum deposit of $2,000.

You might want to compare this welcome offer with the sign-up bonus offered by other sportsbooks.

5Dimes Account Screen

5Dimes Account Screen

5Dimes Account Screen

5Dimes Cash Back Rewards

If you are visiting 5Dimes for the first time, do not be overwhelmed with the massive amounts of betting options presented to you. You also might want to read our extensive 5Dimes sportsbook review. Take your time to browse the website and find the event that best matches your betting style and likes. In order to receive the Cash Back Rewards offered by 5Dimes, you must do a select few things.

So, you can receive three types of cashback rewards: 20%, 15%, 10%, and 5%. You can receive a 20% cashback reward on all of your overall losses twice per year. Bettors are able to get the 15% cash back rebate on all of their overall losses once per 30 days.

The next tier is the 10% cashback reward, which is available to activate on overall losses once a week on Tuesdays. Finally, on any other day other than Tuesday, bettors are able to get a cash rebate before 30 days, which will give them 5% cash.

5Dimes On the House Rewards Program

Another great 5Dimes promotion is the house rewards program, which is awarded to users who are looking to make their 8th deposit. Equally, 5Dimes will also reward users making their 9th deposit – absolutely free!

  • There are a few requirements to fulfill in order to be eligible for this program. The requirements are as follows:
  • Must have made 7 consecutive deposits since registering for the reward program.
  • Must have lost the full amount of the prior 7 deposits, with no payouts being made.
  • Must have lost the full amount of the 8th deposit to get the 9th.
  • All payouts must be re-deposited in order to count towards the 8th deposit.

Although these may seem tough requirements to activate the 5dimes promo, they are often fulfilled without customers even realizing.

5Dimes Casino Rebate

5Dimes takes all aspects of its operations into account when offering promotions and bonuses. Their casino is a huge part of their services. There are 3 types of casino rebate available with this provider.

Bettors can receive a 21% rebate reward on all losses once per 30 days. Alternatively, 5Dimes users can receive a 14% rebate reward on their losses overall on the Wednesday of each week.

Finally, 5dimes offers its users the option to take the rebate on any other day than a Wednesday. This type of rebate grants users the option to receive a 7% rebate on casino losses since the last rebate was activated.

5Dimes Deposit Screen

5Dimes Deposit Screen

5Dimes Deposit Screen

5Dimes Additional Promotions

5Dimes offers its bettors some of the most exciting contests throughout the year. It does not matter what sport or entertainment event you wish to bet, there will be plenty of contests to choose from when you are ready to make a wager.

Whether you want to bet on sporting events, horse racing, entertainment, or play poker online, you can enter into all types of contests at 5Dimes throughout the year. It is best to visit the website as often as possible in order to keep abreast of all the new contests being offered for bettors.

The additional programs available at 5Dimes are as follows:

  • Point Mover Special Reward – Bettors can get the lines they want at a better price.
  • Free Payouts Reward – Withdraw all the bettors’ winnings without any fees.
  • 30% Super Saver Reward – 30% discount on specific wagers on major sports. Free-Play and Lotto Rewards – New Player and Reload Rewards.

As well as the four rewards listed above, there are a variety of other 5Dimes promotion offerings that are available on site. These are as follows:

  • All Red 5-5-5-5 Bonus Casino Games
  • Mad Bonus Casino Promotion – up to 100% Bonus
  • Bonus Baccarat Zero Mondays
  • Reversed Commission Pai Gow Tuesdays
  • Radical Roulette Wednesdays
  • 100x Craps on Thursdays
  • 2 to 1 Blackjack Blow-Out Fridays
  • Bonuses for Each Part of the 5dimes Casino
Bottom Line Take advantage of 5Dimes' high cashback