NFL bettors find the Super Bowl as one of the most exciting days of the year to place sports bets. The reason for this is that there are so many different options when it comes to placing bets. You can bet on the spread, the Over/Under, and the money line. You can also place bets on the various props listed at online sportsbooks. We will take a look at the props available for Super Bowl XLVIII between Denver and Seattle today.

Who wins the coin toss?

One of the most popular prop bets each year on Super Bowl Sunday is who will win the coin toss? This bet is so popular because it is the first thing that takes place in the game. It really gets the blood flowing for some of the more veteran bettors. If you choose to bet on this prop, both teams have -105 odds to win the coin toss. 

Which team will score first?

Another popular prop bet for the Super Bowl is putting money down on which team scores the first points of the game. There really is no correlation between who wins the coin toss and who scores first in the game, which is why these two props are completely separate. If you like this prop, you can take Denver at -125 or Seattle at -105. 

What will be the first score of the game?

The final prop bet we take a look at today is the first score of Super Bowl XLVIII. You have two options here: touchdown or field goal/safety. You have -145 odds when you go with touchdown and you have +115 odds when you choose field goal/safety. 

The place to bet on Sunday for the Super Bowl is none other than Bovada and their online sportsbook. If you choose to bet on the game’s outcome, the Broncos are favored at -3 (-110) to take the league title. Should you bet on a prop, go with touchdown as the first score of the game at -145. 

Bovada Super Bowl Odds