Prop Bets a Big Part of the Show

This is prime time, the biggest stage, Super Bowl LIII. It’s show time.

With all the excitement and hype comes the millions of fans looking to make a bet on the NFL extravaganza. It’s the busiest time of the year for online and land-based sports books as everyone wants a piece of the action. Americans bet almost $5 billion on last year’s championship, according to the American Gaming Association.

The most common football wagers and Super Bowl LIII predictions are on the money line, point spread and over/under totals. But there are dozens of bets that have little to do with the final score of the final between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, Feb. 3 in Atlanta. They are called Super Bowl Prop Bets.

You don’t have to wait for the end of the game to see if you hold a winning ticket because there are prop bets on just about every segment of the NFL Championship — including the Super Bowl Halftime Show and Super Bowl commercials.

Prop Bet Payoffs Explained


There are more than 100 prop bets listed on the top-ranked online gaming site Bovada, including the Super Bowl Coin Toss.

Here’s how it works: There are two outcomes to this bet — heads (-105) and tails (-105) — both with a minus sign in front of the betting line number. That means this amount ($105) is how much a bettor must wager to earn a profit of $100 ($105 bet + $100 profit = $205 total return). The ratio of bet-to-profit remains the same no matter what amount you bet ($10.50 bet + $10 profit = $20.50 total return).

If a plus sign is in front of the betting line — like the Rams (+130) currently on the money line — that is how much profit a bettor earns on a $100 bet ($100 bet + $130 profit = $230 total return).

The bigger the number is after a minus sign, the lower the profit. The bigger the number is after a plus sign, the bigger the profit.

Prop Bet Predictions


There are prop bets on Super Bowl LIII from the players to the entertainment to the commercials. Let’s take a look at a bet from each category. Just remember, there are dozens of other bets to choose from under Super Bowl Prop Bets (odds provided by Bovada).

• Super Bowl LIII MVP

Betting lines: Tom Brady (+110), Jared Goff (+225), Todd Gurley (+1100), Sony Michel (+1500)

Quarterbacks dominate this title as Brady has won the award a record four times. The QB has received this honor 29 times in the 52 championships, including seven of the last nine Super Bowls. The odds are the QB on the winning team is named the MVP of the game.

Pick — Jared Goff (+225)

• How long will it take Gladys Knight to sign the U.S. National Anthem Super Bowl?

Betting lines: Over 1:47 (-160), Under 1:47 (+120)

Over the last eight Super Bowls, the average time for the Star Spangled Banner performance has been one minute and 56 seconds. Expect the legendary singer, who was born in Atlanta, to savor every second of the spotlight.

Pick — Over (-160)

• Which commercial will appear first?

Betting lines: Budweiser (+190), Bud Light (+110), Stella Artois (+500), Michelob Ultra (+500)

With more than 100 million Americans expected to tune in for football’s biggest game, commercials grow more expensive every year. NBC Sports charged more than $5 million for a 30-second spot during Super Bowl LII. Bud Light puts on a show every weekend during the NFL regular season. The Super Bowl will be no different, and they will be first up. Dilly, dilly!

Pick — Bud Light (+110)

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