BetUS Review 2020

Load up on bonuses with this US-exclusive sportsbook

They’re not exaggerating when BetUS claims to be “America’s favorite sportsbook.” This sportsbook has been a major player in the online sportsbook industry for over 25 years and offers top lines from the biggest games and leagues. In this BetUS Review 2020, we will see if this is true.

BetUS is available to players across America and is headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica. It features a plethora of games to bet on including sports, horse racing, as well as a casino.

As of 2020, BetUS serves upwards of 300,000 clients in a variety of methods. We’ll outline the best of what BetUS offers with our BetUS review:

Pros & Cons

  • Plenty of bonuses including a 125% sign-up bonus
  • One of the best mobile betting platforms
  • Great Racebook
  • New management need to turn bad reputation around

How to start winning?

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    Go to BetUs

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    Create an account - it's easy

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    Claim your bonus - up to $2,500 (in sports only)

BetUS Betting Review

Online wagering is one of the fastest-growing pastimes in the US alone. Thanks to the state ban being lifted, more and more Americans are getting into the habit of betting online. BetUS has been around for 25 years and is ready to keep catering to Americans.

BetUS has maintained its brand’s principles from the last quarter-century. The site promises to produce:

  • Most up-to-date odds
  • Most up-to-the-minute wagering opportunities
  • Responsive customer service to all clients
  • Accurate and complete content

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  • BetUS’s featured offerings include: 

    BetUs Sportsbook

    BetUS sportsbook features an extensive lineup of sports featuring American favorites like football, basketball, and baseball as well as UFC/MMA, boxing, and even esports.

    Each sport is displayed in a hamburger menu format that is an industry-standard. BetUS manages to compile all the crucial information plus all the markets while keeping it neat and legible. 

    The props selection is also plentiful depending on the sport. But the most popular like the NFL and NBA have a full amount. 

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  • As per the betting odds, BetUS odds are not always the best although the vast majority are competitive and it is mitigated by the many promotions the site offers. 

    Live Betting at BetUs 

    Live betting is quick and easy with BetUS. It is featured as its own category as opposed to being embedded just like some sportsbooks show. 

    BetUS live is even easier thanks to BetUS mobile, one of the best mobile platforms among sportsbooks. The BetUS mobile app loads fast is easily accessible and is perfect for live bettors. 

    Neat Display of BetUs’ Racebook

    As for BetUS’s racebook, it is even more neatly displayed than their sportsbook. BetUS keeps a minimalist design her and features the latest available horse races. Find these in the upper part of the landing page.

    On the left-hand panel will be all the available horse races from thoroughbred to harness horse racing.

    Betting on horse races is simple as every horse race has the industry-standard Win/Place/Show options readily available. Like its sportsbook, the customary information is easily seen making this racebook a good one for both beginners and pros.

    Play the BetUs Casino

    The BetUS casino is where the site stumbles a little bit. Unlike its sportsbook and racebook counterparts, the casino has a cluttered interface making it offputting for new players. The casino features mostly card games but also has plenty of table games, slots, and video poker.

    Fortunately, the BetUS mobile version is much smoother and easier to navigate making up for the desktop version. 

    Still, the broad selection of games here will keep any ardent fan occupied for hours upon hours. This is one loaded casino that just needs a bit of a design tweak.

    Other Features

    BetUS also has The Locker Room, a section dedicated to providing the most up-to-date sports betting news, stats, and picks. Be sure to check this out to get BetUS’s panel of sports experts’ analysis on your favorite sports.


    BetUS launched a new betting podcast Unfiltered in October 2020. The impressive line-up includes NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp and former NFL linebacker Brian Jones. 

    You can listen to Episode 1 on our Podcast page.

    BetUS Welcome Bonus

    When it comes to welcome bonuses, no sportsbook can top BetUS. This is BetUS’s bread-and-butter and a big reason why they consistently gain new players every year.

    To start it off, BetUS has a 125% sign-up bonus: 100% for BetUS sportsbook and 25% for BetUS casino. Use BetUs promo code “Join125” and use it within 14-days.

    This bonus goes up to $3,125 on the first deposit. The 100% sports bonus, up to $2,500, is subject to a 10x rollover in the BetUS sportsbook. 

    The BetUS casino bonus goes up to 25%, up to $625. It’s subject to a 30x rollover and has a max cashout of $5,000.

    Rollover is defined as the amount of cash risked or won, depending on which is the lower amount on bets that quality. Wagers used using “Free Play” money does not qualify.

    A bonus only gains cash value after the first $5,000 after the rollover is met. 

    Finally, bonuses must be requested within 48 hours of deposit time. 

    Re-up bonus

    Generally, sportsbooks do offer re-up bonuses but it’s more of a hidden thing with them. And it’s only applicable to some. But BetUS promotes this and allows experienced players a chance to restore their funds. 

    BetUS sportsbook rewards up to 50% re-up bonus with terms and conditions. Deposits have to $10,000 and up to avail of the 50% re-up bonus with a 10x rollover. 

    The minimum deposit is $100, which will qualify for a 10% re-up bonus with a 3x rollover. 

    Bitcoin bonus

    Additionally, Bitcoin users can rejoice as BetUS will give extra rewards if you deposit with crypto. 

    Receive up to 150% crypto bonus on sign-ups: 100% for BetUS sportsbook and 50% for BetUS casino. The re-up bonus also adds an additional 25% for crypto. 

    We cover more of this in the Bitcoin section of this review. 

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    Faster and Lower Fees
  • The full details on BetUS bonuses can be found here.

    Customer Service Options

    Players can call BetUS directly at 1-800-792-3887. Alternatively, they can email them at [email protected]. BetUS also has a “Help” page which lists plenty of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) as well as other helpful tidbits.

    BetUS’s customer service teams are knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect of the site from answering BetUS sportsbook questions to BetUS odds and even giving their opinions on whether BetUS is a good sportsbook.

    Customer service is available for 24 hours, seven days a week. Customers are even assigned a Personal Account Manager.

    • Customer Service Options

      Players can call BetUS directly at 1-800-792-3887. Alternatively, they can email them at [email protected]. BetUS also has a “Help” page which lists plenty of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) as well as other helpful tidbits.

      BetUS’s customer service teams are knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect of the site from answering BetUS sportsbook questions to BetUS odds and even giving their opinions on whether BetUS is a good sportsbook.

      Customer service is available for 24 hours, seven days a week. Customers are even assigned a Personal Account Manager.

    • BetUS Promotions

      After BetUS deposit bonuses come BetUS promotions. While not as hefty as the bonuses, the promotions are still widely available, such as their daily promotions for casinos:

      BetUS daily promotions include some of the following:

      • Money-Back Mondays: receive up to $100 casino cash if you lose live betting
      • Juicy Tuesdays: a losing Monday point-spread wager in the sportsbook is repaid as a casino free play
      • Trifecta Thursdays: receive a $25 chip for placing three different bet types in a week regardless of the result

      The BetUS Refer A Friend Bonus can apply to any registered user. Refer anyone to BetUS and you could be eligible to receive a bonus up to 100% of what they deposit to a certain limit. 

      Additionally, the BetUS player who refers to the newest clients every month is entitled to a prize ranging from signed jerseys to getaway vacations.

    • BetUS Payment Methods

      BetUS offers plenty of ways to deposit and withdraw money. These include:

      • American Express
      • Bitcoin
      • MasterCard
      • VISA

      The site accepts other methods of deposit including: 

      • MoneyGram
      • Cash Transfer
      • Bankwire
      • Bitcoin Cash
      • Other cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Litecoin)

      True to its name, BetUS is limited to just US currency. 

    • Bitcoin at BetUS

      As a modern sportsbook, BetUS happily accepts Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. 

      In fact, BetUS will reward players who deposit with cryptocurrency by giving extra during bonuses. They will award up to 150% in crypto bonuses for first-time deposits.

      This means players who use Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin will receive up to $7,500 on first deposits. This is divided by a 100% BetUS sportsbook bonus and a 50% BetUS casino bonus.

      The sportsbook bonus is up to $5,000 with a 10x rollover while the casino bonus is up to $2,500 with a 30x rollover. Max cashout for casino bonuses is $15,000. 

      Additionally, crypto users get an extra 25% re-up bonus for every crypto deposit. This is subject to an additional 2.5x rollover on top of the regular roll-over.

    BetUS Deposit Options

    Out of the many deposit options, the easiest way is to use the good old credit card: VISA, American Express, or MasterCard. Credit cards have a $2,499 limit per deposit.

    For Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the deposit max is higher. Crypto deposits can range from $10,000 to $50,000. 

    MoneyGram and Bankwire deposits are accepted up to $5,000. 

    BetUS Withdrawal Options

    BetUS also has plenty of ways to withdraw money although a bit different from depositing. Take into consideration the payout limits. BetUS offers the following withdrawal methods:

    • Bankwire ($50-$3,000)
    • MoneyGram ($100-$400)
    • Courier Check ($50-$3,000)
    • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin ($50-$5,000 for all)
    • Bitcoin cash ($50,-5,000)

    Make a payout request before 10 AM ET Monday through Friday and your request will be processed for approval on the same day. 

    BetUS FAQs

    How do I sign up an account?

    Signing up for an account is easy. On the home page, select the “Join” button on the top right corner highlighted in blue. Once you’re on the registration page, simply provide your basic information and you will be set up with an account.

    Is it legal to bet with BetUS?

    BetUS is an international company that has lawfully complied with the regulations of the countries they operate in. When betting with BetUS, you are betting with a company that is not physically located within the United States and is hence exempt from the local laws of your state.

    How old must I be to sign up with BetUS?

    You must be at least 18-years-old in order to register an account. Anyone under the age of 18 found to have an account will have it immediately closed and all their transactions voided.

    How do I make a deposit?

    To make a deposit, choose the method of payment that suits you. Once you’ve selected the method, select “Proceed with my Deposit” from your account page, and follow the on-screen instructions. 

    Alternatively, you can phone in your deposit by contacting 1-800-59-BETUS and one of their account managers will walk you through the process.

    How do I withdraw my winnings?

    You can withdraw your winnings by requesting a payout. Select “myBetUS” and then select “request a payout” and then follow the instructions.

    Like making a deposit, you can phone in your payout request by calling 1-800-620-1905. An account manager will happily assist you.

    What sports can I bet on BetUS sportsbook?

    The BetUS sportsbook contains over 20 different types of sports and sports leagues you can lay wagers on including:

    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Ice hockey
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Soccer
    • UFC/MMA
    • Boxing
    • Table Tennis
    • eSports
    • Madden
    • Horse Racing (also through BetUS Racebook) 
    • NASCAR
    • Rugby
    • Motor Sports
    • Cricket
    • Darts
    • Cycling
    • Volleyball
    • Entertainment
    • Politics

    Visit the sportsbook to find all the available betting markets for these categories. 

    Also, you can search for a particular team or athlete with the search bar on the top left-hand panel. 

    Does BetUS have a Loyalty program?

    Yes! BetUS has a loyalty program, which includes free payouts (depending on tier level), monthly casino tournament entries, and other exclusive member awards. 

    You can find more in-depth BetUS Loyalty Program perks by logging in to your page to view your status.

    Is BetUS a secure site?

    Like most mid-to-large size sportsbooks, BetUS is a safe and secure site. Hitwise, the Internet equivalent of TV’s Nielsen Ratings, BetUS was the highest-trafficked sports betting site over the last year. The popularity is a testament to how comfortable customers feel with the site.

    Is BetUS a trustworthy sportsbook?

    BetUS is a legitimate online sportsbook. However, there have been some customers complaining about BetUS’s payouts with many claiming BetUS does not always pay. 

    Take these complaints with a grain of salt as there is another side to the story and it is sometimes the case where customers haven’t followed the terms and conditions.

    Bottom Line BetUS shines with its amazing bonuses and a long range of payment methods. For American customers, few books can match BetUS in this department. It should be a part of every American's online sportsbook lineup.

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