Horse Racing Betting Odds

Horse Racing Betting Odds

Horse racing betting odds are one of the most popular betting lines throughout the year, as there is a variety of major horse racing meets to wager on. Bettors enjoy the unbridled thrill of betting on horse odds because of the broad range of betting lines available.

The next major horse racing meet is the Preakness Stakes. The odds for the Preakness Stakes 2020 are now available and are subject to change. The odds were last updated on September 14, 2020: 

2020 Preakness Stakes Winners Odds bovada gtbets BetOnline


+120 +125 +120

Tiz the Law

+185 +185 +185

Art Collector

+450 +450 +450

Honor A.P.

+600 +600 +600

Thousand Words

+1000 +1000 +1000

Sportsbooks generally offering a separate section devoted to horse racing odds. However, understanding horse racing odds is a complicated process and whether a bettor is playing the odds on the Triple Crown events or playing the horse odds from the local racetrack, it’s important to know how to find value in any wager.

We’ll delve deep into the ins and out of how to read horse racing odds charts and make sure our readers feel content the horse racing odds were explained well by the end of the article.

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Where to find Horse Betting Odds

When evaluating racebooks, it’s important to recognize that racebooks are just an extension of sportsbooks offering horse betting odds. The credibility of major sportsbook providers carries over into racebooks.


Our assessment of sportsbooks is based on a variety of factors, ranging from posting competitive odds to the sportsbooks’ compatibility with mobile devices.

For those that are new to playing the odds on the Phillies, we’d recommend taking a look at our list of top-tier horse racing betting sites. The list will include the very best providers offering horse racing odds today.

How to read Horse Racing Odds

Horse racing odds differ from other mainstream betting lines that bettors are used to playing on their favorite sportsbooks. Horse betting odds offer a unique betting experience and feature betting lines, which are unique to the King of Sports.

The next section will cover the various types of horse racing betting lines and provide a platform for users to start wagering. Anyone who wants to jump right in and are unsure which sites are hot to trot, we’d advise taking a look at BetUs, which provides a comprehensive racebook covering all major events throughout the horse racing calendar.

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  • Types of Horse Betting Odds

    When it comes to horse racing betting, it’s important to recognize there is a broad range of betting odds available to bettors. The temptation is often to just make place bets, but there is much more on offer. We’ll cover each one and explain the various ways bettors can win big.

    Any readers who are already well-informed about the horse betting odds and betting lines, glance through our recommended online betting sites and see what’s on offer today. Some modern sportsbooks even offer the ability to watch horse racing online.

    Win, Place, Show

    The vast majority of bettors will be familiar with moneyline betting from mainstream sports. In horse racing, this type of bet is known as “win, place, show” bets, which let bettors pick one horse to win.

    The main difference between a straight-up bet in racing against what you’d see in a soccer game is that racebooks allow bettors to choose a runner to win, come in second (place), or third (show). This unique to horse racing and a great way to win big, particularly through placing parlay bets.

    Horse Matchup

    Generally speaking, there are 12 chargers in any horse race, which means bettors have a lot of options to choose from. Horse matchup betting allows bettors to narrow the field and focus on just two races of their choice.

    For example, if a bettor places a horse matchup wager, they would select two stallions and decide which one will finish before the other. This kind of bet ignores the race-winner – it only matters which of the two selected runners wins.

    Future Wagering

    Futures wagering is simply making a bet to pick a winner weeks or even months before the race takes place. These kinds of wagers are common in all sports and allow bettors to forecast the future outcome of races. The odds are often more favorable to the bettor at this stage because there is less information available to the bettor – meaning there is more risk.

    You can bet on many future races from around the globe at MyBookie.

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  • Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5

    Much like a parlay bet that is common on sportsbooks, this is a type of group bet or multi-bet. A bettor will be offered much bettor odds on these types of bets, as the risk is much higher.


    Simply put, placing a Pick 3 bet means the bettor must select the winner of three races in a row. A pick 4 the bettor must pick four consecutive winners, and so on. A Pick 6 is a really advanced bet and is an extremely risky bet and very rarely does this kind of bet come in – It’s not for the light-hearted!

    BetNow has excellent Parlay offers.

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  • Exacta Bets

    Another betting market which is only found in horse racing betting odds. An exacta bet will require the bettor to predict the top two finishers in a race in the correct order. A slightly more advanced version of this bet is a trifecta, which requires bettors to guess the first-second and third place horses in the correct order.

    Then finally the most complex bet is the quinella bet. This entails bettors selecting two horses to finish first and second. Different from other exotic bets, a quinella doesn’t require the horses to finish in the precise order, meaning the stakes are lower.

    With so many racebooks to choose from, it can be easy to get lost in it all. As such, we’d advise taking a look at the Bovada horse racing odds and various betting markets on offer.

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