NCAA Basketball Vegas Odds

NCAA Basketball Vegas Odds

NCAA Basketball Vegas odds are available throughout the year, with regular updates to odds, predictions, team news and NCAA betting trends. The 2020 NCAA Basketball Championship outright winners odds were last updated on October 13, 2020:

 NCAA Basketball Champions Winners Odds  Intertops bovada wagerweb

Duke Blue Devils

+1000 +1000 +1050

Gonzaga Bulldogs

+1000 +1050 +1000

Villanova Wildcats

+1000 +1050 +1000

Kansas Jayhawks

+1200 +1200 +1200

Virginia Cavaliers

+1250 +1200 +1200

NCAA Basketball is one of the most exciting betting markets on the sports calendar, with March Madness taking front stage in terms of the most exciting NCAA basketball betting periods.

Vegas Betting is no different than any other NCAA betting, other than the fact Vegas odds are the best in the game! Vegas has always been the home of betting and offers the most competitive basketball betting markets in the world.

Vegas odds are trusted on all basketball betting sites and sportsbook users can enjoy leisurely play without having to worry about missing out on more competitive odds elsewhere.


Betting is all about maximizing the value of your stake. With so many recommended online sportsbooks to choose from, it’s easier for sports fans to find the NCAA best bets every time. The NCAA providers a really broad range of betting markets, much like the NHL which offers a broad range of odds and betting options.

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  • NCAA Basketball odds

    The 2020 NCAA Basketball outright winners odds are available but are likely to change throughout the course of the season so be sure to keep checking back with this page. 

    How do NCAA Basketball teams work?

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association is an organization dedicated to producing the very best out of young athletes in the U.S. Involving colleges, universities, athletic conferences, and affiliated organizations.

    During the NCAA Basketball seasons runs for 35 games in total. The NCAA is made up of 68 teams who play throughout the season building up to the March Madness event, which concludes the season and NCAA betting fans get to find out who will be crowned the champion.

    Much like with NBA betting odds, certain teams be favorites to win the tournament from the outset, with titans like UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke holding the vast majority of the titles. With so many other teams to choose from NCAA betting couldn’t be easier to make NCAA bets on the vast majority of markets available to basketball fans.


    Where to Find the Best Odds for the NCAA Basketball

    Finding the best basketball betting sites can be a grueling task, with so much choice it’s often a real headache to read through all the various offers available to new customers and first-time depositors.

    However, here at VegasBetting, we have the very best sportsbooks for NCAA Basketball compiled into a list that users can access to find out about bonuses, fees and much more. The NBA Finals is another exciting time for basketball fans, with some of the most interesting markets and users will find excellent odds through our recommended sportsbook. 

    For those basketball fans that simply seek to find the very best value in the market, it’s always worth looking around the various sportsbooks to find which odds being offered are of the best value. If a user is looking to place a bet on an MLB game, there are a number of great sportsbooks to choose from.


    Types of NCAA Basketball Betting Odds

    Before embarking on a college basketball betting career, it’s always worth looking into the various NCAA basketball betting trends to see which markets offer the most value. The NCAA basketball betting odds are similar to NHL, or NFL betting odds providing bettors with a favorite and underdog, as well as a range of other markets.

    Most commonly users will choose to follow the over/under, play the spread or simply go with a win/lose bets. Numerous online sportsbooks also offer wagers on top scorers, stat-based bets and a variety of prop bets.

    NCAA Basketball Betting Line

    Sportsbooks create betting lines to entice players to have to decide between two teams. While this may seem obvious, the odds are created to provide fair value in the market so bettors are willing to wager against the favorite due to the high value in the underdog odds.

    When sportsbooks create betting lines, their intention is to get people to wager on both teams. While taking a glance at the odds, a basketball fan looking to do some NBA online betting will notice the “-” and “+” next to the sports betting line, which indicates the favorite and the underdog in the eyes of the bookmaker.

    Negative numbers signify the favorite on the betting line, while the negative number indicates how much you’d need to be to bet to win. For example, if a bettor places a wager of $100 on a point spread wager, they would be required to bet slightly more than the $100 stake. The amount does vary depending on the vig (also sometimes known as juice, cut, or take) that the particular sportsbook charges.


    NCAA Basketball Point Spread

    The NCAA basketball league contains a lot of teams, and within those teams, there are some big players who keep coming back and winning March Madness year after year. Though as we saw in 2019 when Virginia won its first title, there are exceptions to the rule.

    The reason the point spread was brought about was to allow bettors to wager on a game regardless of the lopsided odds the bookmaker provides. The difference with point spread betting is that bettors have to look at the game and make a prediction whether their team will manage to win the game by the margin listed by the online sportsbook.

    The points spread betting is just another betting line for users to choose from. An example of points spread betting could be if Duke listed at -4.5 points on the market. The “-” sign represents the fact they have to win by 5 points or more to cover the spread, and if the bettor has wagered on it they would win their bet on Duke. However, if they lose by 4 or less, then the wager they made would not cover the spread and it would be an unsuccessful wager.

    NCAA Basketball against the spread

    Against the spread betting can be complicated to those who are new to the gambling industry. Though it’s rather simple once it’s been broken down. Every game in the NCAA season has a betting line that will favor one team. Going against the spread basically means the bettor is has chosen to place a bet going against the favorite and picking the underdog to triumph.

    It’s a strategy often used when the point spread is low, which allows the bettor to maximize the value in their stake, or simply used as an alternative market. Another option available to NCAA basketball fans is if they believe the team they are betting on can overcome their opponent winning by at least the point spread selected.

    This particular wager offers great value and can pay out big. For example, if Duke is up against Kentucky and the Blue Devils have odds of +5, while Wildcats have odds of -5, Duke would have to win by more than 5 points for the bettor to win. This kind of betting is not only popular in NCAA Basketball, but also in the MLS.

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  • NCAA Basketball Over/Under

    Simply put, betting over/under is a bet where you have to correctly predict the combined score of both teams playing (in some cases the combined score of one team). You then select if the total score will be lower or higher than the value set by the bookmaker.

    For example, if a college basketball over bet is 211.5, this means that the bettor will be hoping that the combined total of both teams in that particular game doesn’t exceed 211.5. If that’s the case then the bet will payout. Take for example a game between Duke and North Carolina;

    • Total over 211.5 (3.5)

    The bettor may wager $10 on this bet, if the game goes beyond 211.5 they will receive $35. If it is exactly 211 or below then the stake will go to the sportsbook provider. Contrastingly, if a bettor places a wager on an under bet of 211.5, they would have predicted that the total points between the two teams would fall below 211.5.

    Odds for NCAA Basketball this weekend

    The current NCAA Basketball odds for this weekend are unavailable but may reappear if the season gets underway again. We wait for the next season to start and we will publish the 2020-21 NCAA Basketball odds right here.

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