Las Vegas, Nevada remains the mecca of gambling. It’s home to the world’s most recognized casinos — the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, and the list goes on and on. And now, it’ll house the “World’s Largest Sportsbook” soon opening in Las Vegas

For a brand-spanking-new casino in “Sin City”, it’s incredibly tough to compete with those big names and their even bigger budgets. Your best bet (pun fully intended) is to be different than the aforementioned bunch and give bettors a completely-unique experience.

And that’s exactly what Circa has done. This all-in-one casino doesn’t open its doors until October 28, 2020. The aforementioned “world’s largest sportsbook” will be the newly-minted casino’s biggest selling point. 

Circa’s Earth-Shattering Sports Betting Experience

If there was ever such a thing as a “sports betting heaven” it would probably resemble Circa’s sportsbook. 

For one, the indoor sportsbook is three stories high. Three! Across the entire space, viewing capacity tops out at 1,000 bettors. Private watch parties and/or events can also be had through box seating

But of course, what makes or breaks any sportsbook is its screen. Stretching across the entire three-story space at Circa will be a monster — and we mean monster — screen. Circa has been tight-lipped about its exact dimensions, but it’s believed to be about the size of an NBA court. The only info Circa has released about the “Godzilla” screen is it’ll be 78-million pixels. 

But wait, the sports gambling experience gets better. Pool parties have become the stuff of legends in Las Vegas, but they’ve never been done quite like this. Enter Stadium Swim. Yes, this is the ultimate pool party that meets sports betting mashup that can only be found at Circa. 

Outside the resort, Circa has erected a 40-foot-tall high-definition screen. Surrounding the 14-million-pixel screen is the ultimate pool party environment.

Get this, there’s six pools, 337 lounge chairs, 38-day beds, and 30 cabanas! About 4,000 people can pack throughout this entire outdoor space.

Stadium Swim will be open 365 days a year. The hours of service will be from 8 am to 11 pm daily. Moreover, a 115-person staff will monitor the entire operation. 

Circling back to the ”World’s Largest Sportsbook” moniker that Circa has self-appointed itself, well, that’s highly disputed. The Westgate Sportsbook, only five miles down south from Circa, also makes the same claim. Until the exact square footage of Circa’s sportsbook is released, the debate will rage on. 

But at the very least, Circa can claim to be the “World’s Most Unique Sportbook.” C’mon, an NBA-court-sized screen and fun-in-the-sun sportsbook pool party? That’s a must-see spectacle.   

And make no mistake about it, the sportsbook is Circa’s biggest drawing power. Right on Circa’s website, you’ll find an ever-so appropriate slogan, “a sportsbook so big we built a casino around it.” 

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      Make The Big Bucks At The Circa Sportsbook Too

      Matching its screens and outdoor pool in scale is the total prize money of Circa’s NFL contest — a cool $3 million dollars.

      Here’s how the contest works: sign up for $1000 (registration is now closed at 3,148 entries), make five against-the-spread picks all 17 weeks of the NFL season (up to three unique entries per person max), and rack up points over the year.

      At year’s end, the top picker will earn the grand prize of $1 million — as well as the coveted blue jacket (the same color as Circa’s branding). Those that place between second and 50th overall will share $900,000 in prizes in descending totals. 

      Quarterly prizes will also be handed out four times (weeks 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, and 13-17). The top-three pickers each individual quarter will earn payouts of $187,000 (first place), $75,000 (second), and $25,000 (third). 

      All entry selections and a running leaderboard are updated on the Circa site on a weekly basis. 

      A Sidekick To Sports — Everything Else

      While sports wagering is Circa’s biggest charm, it’s not its only charm. It also packs a punch with its casino, resort, and other features. 

      The casino features two stories of games. Players will have their pick at 1,350 different slot machines (includes bar-top games and high-limit slots) or 55 table games. When it comes to the latter option, Circa also offers private-seat, electronic table action.

      Circa’s casino comp program is being dubbed “Club One.” Like any other loyalty program, consistent playthrough in the casino is awarded free slot play, room accommodations, special discounts, merchandise, and other goodies.

      On the hotel end, Circa’s 35-floor building stretches a whopping 1.2-million square feet. That’s enough space for 777 total rooms and suites. 

      Circa will be located in Las Vegas’ Fremont district, which contrary to popular belief, is actually the city’s downtown area — not the more touristy Strip. You’ll be able to spot Circa via its enormous neon sign outside the building which pays homage to the “Las Vegas of yesterday and Las Vegas of tomorrow.”

      That mantra is the backbone for the entire casino’s design. Heck, inside the lobby, Circa is even housing the city’s iconic “Vegas Vickie” cowgirl-inspired neon sign that was formerly part of its famous skyline. 

      But wait, there’s one more history-making feat we’ve failed to mention about Circa — it’ll be Las Vegas only 21-and-up casino. Leave the kids at home because Circa is an adult’s perfect getaway. 

      Once again, grown-ups can christen Circa starting on Wednesday, October 28. With one game-changing feature after another, it’s safe to say this will be one of the most anticipated casino openings in it Vas Vegas’ storied history