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One problem for all sports betting lovers is the inability to find the best sports betting guide, tips and information on how to add value to a wager. Our Vegas betting guide will provide readers with everything they need to bet on sports at their favourite online provider.

This page will provide a beginner’s guide to betting as well as a bet guide that suits the more experienced player. We will touch on all topics, from the legality of betting to how to make the most of your wager.

Not only will we detail online betting guides covering the basics, but we’ll also provide information that will help users understand the markets and add to their overall betting acumen.

VGB is the No 1 Vegas Betting Guide

Here at Vegas Betting, we ensure our readers can find all the information they need to make well-informed decisions and maximize the value of their bets.

We will provide bet guides that cover the most popular sports betting topics and offer detail about all aspects of the betting industry. We want to empower our readers and give them all the tools they need to win big online.

Understanding the odds and being able to find value in specific betting markets is important and something only an experienced eye is able to achieve. With our help, we’ll ensure our readers are knowledgeable about all sports and betting markets.

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A Guide to Sports Betting 101

We all need to start somewhere, and for some, that’s right at the very beginning. For those bettors that are totally new to the scene and need some inspiration to get going, this is the guide for you. 

We’ll cover the basics and delve a little deeper into sports betting 101 to help users get to grips with what they need to start taking those first few steps into the betting world. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of playing on an online sportsbook, start here and begin betting with confidence!

A Guide to Legal Betting Sites

The legality of online betting in the US, and across the globe, can be a confusing issue, especially when it comes to taxation of winnings. We will answer that question and a whole host of others in relation to the issue of legal betting.

Out of all the bet guides we will cover in on this page, this is one to pay attention to if you’re unsure how things work in your country. Notably, if you’re in the US, the regulation regarding taxation is unique and well worth getting to grips with before placing your first bet.

A Guide to Prop Betting 

Proposition betting is one of the most popular betting markets around, offering a unique opportunity to play the odds in a new and exciting way. Prop betting is a betting line that only suits certain events and is offered in a very simplistic format.

Around the time of the major events such as the Superbowl or NBA Playoffs, prop betting is extremely popular and moreover it’s entertaining. Our complete guide is very informative and offers a unique understanding of this betting line.

A Guide on How to Read the Odds

For those beginners, or even those more experienced bettors that still have some doubts about the various betting formats (American, Decimal, and Fractional), our guide has a lot to offer in terms of clarifying any doubts about what bettors see when placing a wager with their favorite sportsbook.

Some may consider this very straightforward but learning how to read the odds will not only add value to a bet but over time it will increase the profitability. Learn more and bet smarter with VegasBetting! 

A Guide to Moneyline Betting

There are a variety of betting lines available to sportsbook fans, with the main one being moneyline betting. From casual bettors to more serious full-time players, all of these bettors have wagered a moneyline bet at some point.

We will delve deep into what makes constitutes a moneyline bet, how to add value to any bet placed and the various types of moneyline bets that are on offer from major sportsbooks. Moreover, we’ll direct readers towards some of the top-rated operators providing moneyline betting markets today. 

A Guide to Matched Betting

Matched betting is a great way to make money, whether it be full-time or just a side project. It can seem confusing to many, so the team here created a simple guide that will help our readers to begin their journey into matched betting.

Many consider matched betting to be too complicated to begin doing, without a background in betting or sports. However, this isn’t the case. The guide provides information for matched betting beginners, as well as tips for those more experienced users. 

A Guide to Safe Betting Sites

With so many online sportsbook providers to choose from, it’s easy to get lost. Avoiding dodgy sites is very important and being able to recognize when a site isn’t legitimate is an important skill.

To make the life of our readers easier, the experts here put together a guide to safe betting sites to ensure they’re well-informed about the do’s and dont’s. Safe betting sites are available in abundance – so for anyone who’s unsure, take a brief look through this article. 

A Guide with the Very Best Betting Strategies

Our Readers are often interested to know more about how to find the maximum value in any wager. Well, by employing basic betting strategies bettors are able to add consistency and a level of protection to their game. 

This guide to betting strategies is useful to bettors with all kinds of experience – from your average bettor to the more experienced veteran sportsbook player. For more information on the various types of betting strategies employed by players today, take a look at this article. 

A Guide to Round Robin Betting

Round Robin betting is a specific type of bet that can be placed by sportsbook users. Although it isn’t a strategy per se, it’s a very common type of bet, like a moneyline bet or parlay bet. 

It’s a common prop bet and something bettors will see time and time again, so it’s important that sportsbook users are clear with this type of bet and how it is used to effect. For all the information regarding round robin betting, take a look right here. 

A Guide to Removing the Vig

New and less experienced bettors will likely be unaware that the odds they are playing with have been “juiced” or have “vig” attached to them. Understanding the vig and how it affects the odds displayed on sportsbook sites is a very important aspect of online sports betting. 

This guide will help our readers to understand how to remove the vig, what it means, and how to read the odds on offer using actual probability as opposed to implied probability. All of this will be neatly and clearly explained in our guide to removing the vig

A Guide to Futures Betting

Everyone loves a futures bet. Predicting the outcome of a league, competition, or wagering a prop you think will come in at the end of a season is quite an appealing wager to many sportsbook players. However, even these types of bets come with their pitfalls.

We’ll cover all the advantages and disadvantages of futures betting, as well as explaining what they are and how they work. Our guide to futures betting will cover everything bettors need to know about futures betting before they place their first wager. 

A Guide to Over/Under Betting

Our guide to over under betting covers all aspects of this particular market and explains to readers how to make the most of these types of bets. The over/under is one of the most popular betting markets, alongside moneylines, and it’s intregral that bettors understand how they work.

We’ll discuss the positives and negatives of this type of bet, how to calculate and how to recognize the value in over under betting lines. Moreover, the article will highlight the specific sports in which over/under betting is popular and where to find the best odds. 

A Guide to Bankroll Management in Sports Betting

Bankroll management is absolutely essential. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned “sharp”, ensuring you’re in control of your money management is pivotal to being finding success as a bettor.

Short-term or long-term, bettors need to be thinking about how much they’re betting and finding some consistency in their betting strategy. This guide to bankroll management is comprehensive and will cover all major theories and provide statistics that can be used to boost profits. 

A Guide to KenPom vs Sagarin Rankings 

KenPom and Sagarin are names that are synonymous with college basketball. First introduced by two statisticians some years ago, these college basketball predictions have become highly influential in the gambling industry.

This guide to KenPom vs Sagarin rankings provides an insight into what these terms mean and how to take advantage of them. They provide estimations regarding college basketball results and are also used by sportsbooks as a benchmark today. 

A Guide to Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is quite similar to hedging your bets and involves betting on a variety of outcomes in order to cover all bases. This kind of betting strategy ensures the bettor always wins.

While it does require a big bankroll to carry out, it remains a popular technique among online sportsbook players. We’ll delve deep into the techniques employed and guide users to the best Arbitrage betting opportunities.  

A Complete A-Z Betting Glossary

Often sports bettors come across terms and acronyms that they don’t recognize. So to make our readers’ lives easier, we decided to provide them with a complete glossary of all sporting and betting terminology.

The A-Z betting glossary is comprehensive and provides users with not just betting terms, but information regarding major leagues and how they operate. From major trophies to major sports events, we cover it all here at Vegas Betting.

A Guide to Spread Betting

Terms like “ATS” (Against the Spread) and “cover the spread” are things bettors will see all the time, as they start to play major sports betting lines. They are important to learn and understand, so that spread betting is an option for every player.

Spread betting can be extremely useful to bettors when other major betting lines aren’t available. Not only do spread betting markets offer a new great opportunity to bettors, but they provide a great chance to win big when other betting lines aren’t working. 

A Guide to Parlay Betting

Parlay bets are some of the most common bets made by sportsbook users, much like moneyline bets and spread bets they provide a simple form of bet that can be applied to almost all betting markets. Moreover, they offer great opportunities to make big money. 

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