Online Betting Payment Methods

Online Betting Payment Methods

Check out which online betting sites accept your favorite deposit methods.

Bookmakers’ Deposit Methods

Take a look at all the deposit methods at different betting sites. You can check out each one to find out where you can set up an account to use your preferred method.


Bitcoin is the cash of the future. It is the largest, most prominent, and most widely accepted cryptocurrency. By Far.

Bitcoin comes with many benefits. You can protect your identity from the IRS, save money on transaction fees, explode your bonuses, and get your payouts and withdrawals processed instantly.

Bitcoin is new. This is why we have several guides on how to buy Bitcoins, how to find the best Bitcoin wallet, and Bitcoin betting sites. 


Paypal is one of the largest and most standard payment methods for bettors in the US. It is simple, cheap, and widely accepted.

Just connect your bank account or debit card. Then you can just sign into Paypal and use it to deposit at a number of trusted betting sites.


Neteller is an online money transfer system. You can store money in your Neteller account or in your bank account. It is part of the Paysafe Group, which also owns Skrill. You can also put your funds on your Net+ card.

It is more popular among bettors in Canada or England than in the United States.


Instadebit allows Canadian bettors to transfer money directly from your bank account. It is slightly more convenient than some other payment methods because you don’t have to pre-fund your account.

You can just select Instadebit as your deposit method and it takes money straight from your bank account.


Visa debit and credit cards are some of the most widely accepted payment methods around the world. As a recognized brand, this is one payment method you can rely on.

It sometimes comes with transaction fees and can be slow to process transactions, when compared to cryptocurrency.


Mastercard is accepted in over 200 countries around the world. It is a secure payment method that is accepted at nearly every US betting site.

American Express

American Express is a widely accepted credit card. It is famous for its generous benefits to its users. It is, however, not quite as widely accepted as Visa or Mastercard.


Discover cards are widely accepted across US betting sites. They have credit cards without annual fees.

Discover is one of the big names that actually issue credit cards, rather than just being a network.


An eCheck is like a paper check, but electronic. It passes through the ACH system, with routing numbers and all, from one bank account to another. It does through the same system as a normal check, but without the paper.

It is like a check, but with less waste, and different processing times and fees.


WebMoney was founded in Russia in 1998 as a way to transfer US Dollars. It even includes an escrow option.

They also started to accept several cryptocurrencies. It is backed by several companies that act as guarantors for the money in the network.


Ethereum is a major cryptocurrency. It is an altcoin that started in 2015. Like Bitcoin, it is based on decentralized blockchain technology.

It is accepted at a number of US betting sites and is a cryptocurrency that is here to stay.


Dash is a portmanteau of digital cash. It was founded as a hard fork from Bitcoin and was worth more than $8Billion in 2018.

Dash is run by its shareholders. These are anyone who holds at least 1000 Dash.


Litecoin is a major cryptocurrency that started as an alternative to Bitcoin. It has the advantage of being even faster than Bitcoin, which normally takes 15 minutes.

Litecoin is part of the lightning network, a collection of nodes that process blockchains incredibly fast.


Ukash doesn’t exist anymore. It used to be a reliable way to transfer funds to your betting account.


Depositing your funds via Check is one of the most popular methods and has been around longer than any other payment method. Safe and secure. 

Wire Transfer

Much like Checks, Wire Transfers have been around for as long as online sportsbooks have existed. Wire transfers are a premier method of depositing money to an online provider. 


PaySafe gift cards are a great way for bettors to deposit their funds into online sportsbooks accounts. They are widely accepted and offer great deposit bonuses. 

Diners Club

Diners Club is synonymous with the gaming industry, having been around for almost the same amount of time. Diners Club credit card holders will reap the benefits of depositing with this prestigious payment method. 

Money Order

Money Order depositing it an excellent option and one of the oldest payment methods still running in the online sportsbook industry today. 

Quick Cash

Another great payment option available to bettors is Quick Cash, which isn’t accepted by all partners but there are still some major online sportsbooks accepting it. 

Person to Person

Person to Person transactions have grown in popularity out of demand and convenience, they’re safe and used frequently by many sportsbook users globally. 

Bitcoin Cash

Cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction in the betting industry, as we now see the latest Bitcoin Cash take the industry by storm as it allows users to access their Bitcoin funds via e-wallets. 


A great deposit method available to sportsbook users in the form of Ripple, which is another cryptocurrency that commands a large community of users in the betting industry. 

Click 2 Pay

For bettors looking to deposit with almost any major sportsbook, Click 2 Pay offers great bonuses on deposits and is widely accepted with online providers.

Gift Card

Another excellent depositing option for sportsbook users worldwide. Gift Cards come in a variety of forms and are accepted at some of the best sportsbooks in the States.


A great e-wallet available to those looking to deposit with an online sportsbook. Offered at a number of top-tier providers, Ezeewallet provides some unique features. 

Bitcoin SV

We see Bitcoin SV available now at selected US online sportsbook providers. A great option for those cryptocurrency fans out there offered at great rates too!

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